If You Do These 7 Things, You’re A Great Leader

Times have changed. The things we do now in our modern world… would have been impossible to do a few decades ago. But all good things invented or otherwise, begin with a thought – and with good leadership. Leadership itself begins with one basic principal. And that is – confidence and the will power to succeed against any circumstance. Today more people understand… and live by the biblical principal that, “All things are possible.” In fact, that has to be the mindset of any person who is striving to be a great leader.

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Leaders are quality people. They have to possess so many incredible attributes to do what they do well. They have to be patient and assertive, flexible and forthright… while at the same time, be stern – yet friendly and motivational. Their ability to motivate people towards excellence can hardly be matched… when everything is working on all cylinders. Bottom line, good leaders do these 7 things well: Continue reading If You Do These 7 Things, You’re A Great Leader

Impossible Is Nothing… When You Have Faith

Here’s a fact: YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING! And, life could be so much better if you were bold enough to lay all doubts aside, learn to lean on GOD by faith… and learn to aim higher. When you’re aiming to go higher in GOD… higher in faith… or higher in life, setting goals is one thing, but having faith they can be achieved is another. But you must choose Faith, above all things, so your eyes can be opened to all of the wonderful things that are possible in life – if you’d just believe.

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Muhammad Ali said, “Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given… than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.” Continue reading Impossible Is Nothing… When You Have Faith

5 Things To Help You Be More Confident in GOD

Hold your head up! You don’t have to sit alone like the bullied kid on the playground. Be confident… and trust GOD to protect you. When it seems like the whole world is against you… and you’re in a dark place, you can feel bullied by your troubles. But Faith is a living, daring confidence in God’s grace that’s so sure and certain…that you can stake your life on it – a million times over. Give GOD time… He won’t disappoint you.

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As kids, boys my age loved to brag on their dads. It was a daily thing on the playground. In those competitive conversations, every boy claimed his dad’s rightful place on the throne as “The World’s Toughest Dad.” I can still hear them saying, “My dad is bigger than your dad!” or “My dad is smarter than your dad!” But the best one of all was, “My dad is stronger than your dad!” But the last one I mentioned, was only used in threatening situations… when a fight was about to break out. It was a clear scare tactic. And, it was a fair warning that, “If you mess with me… you’d better beware, because my dad will come and deal with everybody out here… and handle everyone’s dad, later.” Of course it never happened! But, all the little fellas had confidence in what they were saying. Continue reading 5 Things To Help You Be More Confident in GOD

Self-Doubt Can Steal Your Identity

Never allow self-doubt to control you! When you are contemplating making a life change, things can seem much bigger and harder than they really are. When you take a look at life and try to see the ‘Big’ picture, it can be a little scary… and it can make you feel small and incapable. And that in itself, can be overwhelming enough to make you quit on life.

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Doubt is a fierce enemy I know all too well. It knows just how to tease you enough to keep your attention… and make you question all the things about your life you once felt good about. Years ago, when I was at the highest point of my life, one tiny seed of doubt caused me nearly three years of turmoil I never knew was possible to experience. Not long after I graduated from college, self-doubt took control of my life… and almost took it away from me. One thing led to another, and before I knew it… I was trapped — mind and spirit — in the clutches of one life’s greatest foes. It tossed me into a dark, bottomless pit of fear; and day by day, it eventually took me through a shadowy tunnel of anxiety, that ultimately led to panic attacks. Continue reading Self-Doubt Can Steal Your Identity

7 Ways We Can Hear GOD’s Voice

GOD is a “Creative” GOD! Since the very beginning of time, He has been speaking to and directing mankind – from the Garden of Eden, until now. Yet, people often doubt whether we can really hear GOD’s voice? But, somewhere, deep down in the silence of our hearts… GOD does speak.


GOD is very unique and strategic in the way He handles everything. That’s why we have to face life each day with “Interior motives.” We must spend one on one time with GOD… so that individually, our heart begins to learn and eventually understand the personal language which GOD speaks to us in. Continue reading 7 Ways We Can Hear GOD’s Voice

GOD Is A Bridge Over Troubled Waters

All of us fear the unknown! We fear tomorrow and what it may bring. But mostly, we fear and fail to completely trust GOD, because we feel somehow, He may not work things out like we want Him to work them out.


Yet, we have to remember that GOD is like a bridge over troubled waters. And, we don’t have to waste time worrying, since He is our connection from where we are right now… to where we desire to go in our future. Continue reading GOD Is A Bridge Over Troubled Waters

The Battle Belongs To GOD – Winning The Victory Over ‘Self’

The biggest battle we can ever win in life… is the victory over self. Nothing else in life is even a close second.


I’m reminded of an old song we use to sing in praise service that says, “Victory is mine, victory is mine, victory today is mine… I told Satan, get thee behind; victory today is mine.” It’s a happy ‘war cry.’ In daily life, we have to fight with spiritual weapons, and allow the ‘Spiritual General’ Himself – JESUS – lead the way. No other being or power is qualified to lead us. Under JESUS’ authority, we are trained through the willful submissiveness of our spirits. And naturally we can do nothing for GOD, if we won’t allow Him access to our heart, mind and spirit. Continue reading The Battle Belongs To GOD – Winning The Victory Over ‘Self’