Accept What Scares You. But Don’t Let It Stop You…

You can do it. Yet, you have to know it can be done. The fear you feel… you can overcome it. But, overcoming takes practice. Then, more practice. And even as you learn to overcome one fear… soon after, another fear will appear, and you have to practice a new set of tactics all over again. But still, you can overcome it… because you are an overcomer.

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Overcoming anything, especially fear, is a process of awareness, acceptance, seeing the pain, finding gratitude, and living in the moment with a purpose.

Every problem you face is rooted in fear. That might seem obvious, but the real question is how to beat the fears. To know the answer, you first must determine the Why and the How. Continue reading Accept What Scares You. But Don’t Let It Stop You…

Don’t Do Everything, “Just Because” Everyone Else Is…

Choose your path. Having a happy life is about making your own choices. The way everyone else does things won’t work for you all the time. That’s a simple, but true fact. A life filled with possessions does not equal happiness. And, just because everyone else thinks something should be done a certain way, it doesn’t mean it’s the best way, or the only way.

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When it comes to others, be helpful, compassionate, be kind and be grateful. However, you should never try to live up to their expectations. To live your life freely, you have to free yourself from the shackles of meaningless customs that other people set up for their lives, so you can live a life of spontaneity and freedom. Continue reading Don’t Do Everything, “Just Because” Everyone Else Is…

Dare to Be Different. That’s The Best Part of Life…

It’s okay to be unique. GOD did not create you to be a copycat, or to be a carbon copy of someone else. You will find that with a little creativity, and a lot of faith, any difference can be turned into something amazing. Your difference is your power.

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The normal way of doing things is often not the only way, nor the best way.

Ever been stuck in a rut of doing things a certain way, because that’s the way everyone else does things, or because that’s how it’s always been done? Because it’s safe. Continue reading Dare to Be Different. That’s The Best Part of Life…

FAITH… Can Help You Through Any Situation

Do you sometimes find it difficult to trust GOD? Does your faith sometimes fail you? If so, just remember… no matter what you cope with, it’s how you handle stress that’s important. And what you turn to in times of trouble is even more relevant.

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Some people thrive under pressure… while others cannot handle the heat. Also, many people turn to methods of coping… like smoking or drinking. Others seem to thrive in the midst of trouble. But, regardless of how you cope, your faith can help you through any situation. It can allow you to see a different perspective and while you continue to have faith in GOD. Continue reading FAITH… Can Help You Through Any Situation

Nothing is Impossible! Dream On….

Everyone, at some point in his or her life, has dreamed of being somebody special. Somebody big. There are not many guys who haven’t fantasized about being the one who hits the game-winning homer? There are not many girls who haven’t dreamed of being homecoming queen? And how many times have all of us dreamed of being rich, or successful, or happy with our relationships?


Often, we dream big dreams and have great aspirations. Overtime; unfortunately, our dreams remain just that – dreams. And our aspirations easily collect dust in our attic. This is a sad turn of events in our life. Instead of experiencing exciting adventures in self-actualization, we get caught up in the routine of living from day-to-day just barely existing. Continue reading Nothing is Impossible! Dream On….

5 Ways You Can Enjoy The Little Things In Life

Little things matter! Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference. But normally, it’s those things we mostly take for granted. Don’t overlook those things. It’s time for you to go back to celebrating those seemingly inconsequential accomplishments…  and give a little love to yourself for all the hard work you put into each day.

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To change outer things, you first have to change inner things. The problem arises, though, because people are more attracted to outer things. As a result, you might find yourself running in the “Rat race” unaware… just to try and keep up with what everyone else is doing. Even when you’re able to keep up, it can cause stress – which can cause you to spiral out of control. Therefore, it’s time for you to see the world as something special that GOD created. Your life can be something exciting, rather than something to speed through, and never really enjoy. Why not take some time to: Continue reading 5 Ways You Can Enjoy The Little Things In Life

Danger Ahead… Keep Your Eyes On The Road

You’ve seen the road signs that say, “Danger Ahead!” It’s a fair warning to be careful as you advance on your journey on the highway. But in life, there’s danger behind you too. And the danger I’m referring to is when you spend more time looking back at the past years of your life… either wishing you could have them back, or wishing you could totally erase it – because it haunts you every day.

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Look ahead! You have a long life of promise in front of you… and you don’t want to do anything that could hurt your future. Because life is full of curves and twists… just like a country road. And just like the highway, if you take your eyes off the road of life too long… you might lose control and end up hurting yourself.  Life changes quickly, you might have a good morning, but by noon, your day could be going in a totally different direction. But everything that’s behind you now… is gone forever… and you can’t get it back. Continue reading Danger Ahead… Keep Your Eyes On The Road

How To Have Your Best Day, Ever

Take advantage of every opportunity… and you will have the gift, the style, the sharpness, the clarity, and the emotions to affect other people.” ~ Jim Rohn


For as long as you live, “TODAY” will never come again! The world will continue to go on; and other days will come and go, but when “TODAY” is gone… it’s gone forever. Therefore, take time to love, to be a better sister or brother, a better friend, a better parent, or a better person. Continue reading How To Have Your Best Day, Ever