Life Is Not A Race. It’s A Journey. Enjoy The Moment…

Slow down. Calm down… and don’t worry about the hurry. Don’t allow it to control you. You don’t have to rush through life. Take a break from the ‘hustle and bustle’… and be present. Find happiness now, in this moment, instead of waiting for it. Take a moment for yourself. Be still…. just for a moment. Listen to the world around you. Listen to your thoughts. Explore the details of your surroundings. Take an opportunity to be at peace with being still.

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In our modern world, activity and movement are the “default modes,” if not with our bodies then at least with our minds, and with our attention. We rush around all day, doing things…, talking, emailing, sending and reading messages, clicking from browser tab to the next, one link to the next. Continue reading “Life Is Not A Race. It’s A Journey. Enjoy The Moment…”

Why You Should Know The Facts, Before You Assume Anything

Before you assume, learn the facts

Before you judge, understand why

Before you hurt someone, feel

Before you speak, think…”

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You’ve probably had the experience, where you have assumed something about someone, but later found out something entirely different… after you did a little digging of your own. It happens…and it happens to everyone. Continue reading “Why You Should Know The Facts, Before You Assume Anything”