You’re Broken, To Be Made Beautiful

Everyone feels empty at some point in life – even if it’s only for a brief moment, here and there. Then there are days when everything seems broken altogether. Still, you smile on the outside… while at the same time, you feel lost and hurt on the inside.

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You, me… and everyone else; we hate those moments of emptiness. If someone asks, “What’s wrong?”… It might be kind of hard for you to explain. And everything you try to do to make yourself happy, only lasts for a brief moment, if at all. Somehow, you end up at the point where you don’t know, one way or the other, what to do. But all you know is you are empty and you just want to get rid of it so you can feel like your life has some sort of purpose. Continue reading You’re Broken, To Be Made Beautiful

What’s Your Plan To Take Charge Of Your Life?

In life… everything you do is by choice. You are distinctively created as a part of an infinite plan to discover the unlimited riches that life has to offer. This is your life! You can choose to be, to do and to have whatever it is you want. Yet, the most miraculous part of life is this – you have the ability already within you to make anything happen.

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Every winner didn’t have a winning start. The most successful people on earth, at some point in the past, have had to face some heart-wrenching personal moments where they had to choose between giving up, and moving forward with the determination to succeed.  Continue reading What’s Your Plan To Take Charge Of Your Life?

Why Bad Things Happen To Good People

Let’s face it. Sometimes, bad things happen to good people. It doesn’t mean GOD is angry at you or loves you any less… it’s just a part of life. And no matter how you try to explain bad things with the idea that, “Everything happens for a reason,” it hurts. A lot! It hurts at the very core of your being. The pain begins in your heart and radiates throughout your entire being. And repeating positive affirmations and phrases will not make it stop hurting.


Life happens… and it happens fast! There’s no rewind button, and there are no “Do-overs.” It also doesn’t matter how positive an attitude you have or how balanced and centered you are, there will be times when you will get knocked down. Continue reading Why Bad Things Happen To Good People

Something To Laugh About

Laughter gives us distance. It allows us to step back from an event, deal with it and then move on.” ~ Bob Newhart

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Don’t be overly serious all the time! So go ahead… laugh! You know you want to – sometimes. Especially when you do something funny – in a serious moment. It may not be funny at the time, but you have to look back and find the humor in it. Really, life would go so much better, so much smoother, and be so much more fun if you can laugh at yourself – be more carefree – and not take yourself too seriously. You just have to remember at all times, that failure is not final, unless you give up altogether. Continue reading Something To Laugh About

Happiness Is A Choice

It’s always nice to share our individual happiness with others, but we can’t depend on another person… or anything outside of ourselves to make us happy; we have to do that on our own… with the help of GOD.

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Naturally, most people think of “Happiness” as the good life, freedom from suffering, prosperity, well-being, joy and pleasure. However, in daily life we have to really understand that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but it’s being grateful… that makes us happy. Therefore, we should never confuse having less with being less, having more with being more, or what we have… with who we are. Life is so much more, so we should think “BIGGER.”

Continue reading Happiness Is A Choice

Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Have you ever entered a room; and – at first glance – you see people talking and laughing together and wonder, “How are they so at ease?” Does it feel like a big deal to just “jump into a conversation” or assert your opinion? Do you feel at home or at ease, or do you have trouble relaxing and just being yourself in the company of others?


I won’t pretend I’ve always conquered self-consciousness in all its forms, but I can see my preparedness for dealing with the unfamiliar is miles from where it once was. As a benchmark of how far I’ve come, I often reminisce – with some embarrassment – how my heart use to beat a little faster even at the thought of having to interact with people. Especially when talking to strangers. It’s difficult to comprehend now… what exactly I found intimidating about it, but I know that was a harsh reality for me at one point. But now, I’ve learned to feel right at home wherever I am, or whoever I’m around. Continue reading Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin