Never Be Overcome By Failure

What if I said to you, “If you consistently try hard enough, you can’t fail?” What if I also told you, “With the right amount of determination and willpower, you can achieve any level of success – even those things which appear to be impossible…” what would be your immediate response to these statements? Would it make you happy and cause you to forget about your fears and follow your dreams without being afraid? Would it make any difference at all in how you approach your future?

Well, just know you can’t fail! But, in order not to fail, you have to trust GOD and be proactive about what you want in life – despite fear. Fear is just as real as any person you’ve ever met. And the only things that remove fear is faith, will power and ACTION! Yes… that’s right! Fear… cannot withstand these things.

The Bullies – Fear and Insomnia

Fear hates faith! Why? Because no bully in life can make you tremble or that will fight against you, quite like fear can. Yet, faith is the only medicine that’s BIG and STRONG enough to defeat fear.

Fear and Insomnia hang out like two thrill-seeking best friends, attempting to rob you of your future in the middle of the night. And they work well together. Insomnia is virtually responsible for walking the streets of villages, towns, and cities throughout the world… awaking restless people from their sleep.

Once Insomnia solicits its audience, Fear is responsible for the entertainment – the late-night show. And fear; he’s quite the actor… a real ‘Professional’ in his field – he’s an arrogant superstar who is widely known the world over… with millions of unwilling fans. Sadly, fear’s audience is the best of listeners… and he is more than willing to entertain all who will listen, with false ‘Hype’.

The Allies – Faith and Willpower

You can’t afford to get caught up in this crowd. Your faith has to be much more reliable than your Fear! To be stronger, you must use faith and his best friend – Willpower – to fight alongside you. To overcome fear, you have to make choices. And the question you have to ask yourself is this, “How bad do I want to succeed?” The other option, then, is to choose the right path that coincides with your choices.

Faith has ‘BIG EYES’! It is God endorsed. It sees and creates what does not yet exist. And where ‘Luck’ fails… faith prevails. Faith has the power and ability to bring every great thought, every great idea and every great dream you’ve dreamed… to reality. But faith comes with stipulations. To make it work in your life… you have to TRUST GOD, first! That’s the only way you can have access to the finer things in life.

It’s always important to hold a positive expectation that what you want can happen. Then, you simply have to have enough willpower to choose to discipline your mind and apply faith to the things in your life that seem impossible. SAYING Things Like:

•God doesn’t love me

•Nobody cares about me

•I won’t ever amount to anything

•I’m not good enough

•I’ll never find someone to love me for me

•I don’t deserve better than what I have

These things are simply not true. “All things are possible” – But only by faith. And, to find the true magic of life… you don’t have to close your eyes while you cross your fingers to make hopeless wishes. All you have to do is open your spiritual eyes and trust God by faith… and know that good things can happen for you – if you only believe.

Create Personal Success

There are two paths you can take in life. One road is very dark and leads to uncertainty and hopelessness. The other path is straight and narrow. The right path – the latter path – is full of light, and it leads to success and happiness.

In the ordinary life of the world, to follow the straight and narrow road requires much, and great willpower is necessary for success. To succeed in business, to become an expert in a profession, or to completely master an art, requires strong will, determination and perseverance. Only people with an unwavering will…, who know neither surrender nor compromise, can hope for a large measure of success. Once the will is thoroughly awakened and brought into action… every hindrance that stands in its way will be swept aside.

“Once you create a goal for yourself, whether it’s big or small, set your mind to it. Do all you can to achieve it and never give up on it. “Willpower” is “Real Power”. It takes real will power to accomplish anything of value, and your mind is only as strong as you develop it to be.”

At the point and place where you use your personal willpower to look fear in the face and say, “I’m tired of you pushing me around and treating me like I’m nobody. I’m tired of accepting average when I know I can have better”… you can become whatever you want to become. Remember, the only limitations you have in life, are the ones you set up in your own mind.

Make Strategic Moves

It’s often said that those who have achieved the most success in their lives were the hungriest.  They were successful, not because of luck, but because of their willpower. And, willpower alone can make great things happen.  For example:

I was watching a documentary recently (I love documentaries by the way), where a hungry lion was about to do battle with an African Buffalo. I must first let you know that this breed of buffalo can weigh more than 2200 pounds… and the lion only weighed about 550 pounds. Secondly, I’m sure you can do the math and figure out how much of a ‘Big’ difference that is in size! And I must admit, the lion had to be pretty hungry and determined to attack something that’s nearly four times its size. The important thing, though, is the fact that the lion was hungry enough to go after what seemed like the impossible. But, needless to say, he used an effective strategy. This is what he did… he went and sought help from three or four other lions to help with the task. Somehow, he got the message across to all of his helpers that there was something – an incentive – in it for them.

So, they put their heads together and strategized for a moment – ‘in lion language’ – I suppose. Their approach was a good one. As I continued to watch closely, I noticed something very profound that I want you to pay close attention to, which will possibly help you to defeat any giant you come up against in your life.

The Lions slowly surrounded their prey… each crawling slowly toward it. Each time they would inch a little closer… they would take a break… inch some more… then, take a break… and on and on. Each move they made, they rested briefly to plot their next move. The lions’ moves were not rushed or hurried; they were very patient throughout the whole process. Although they were hungry and wanted to achieve their goal quickly – and satisfy their appetite, they never once rushed, or got too ambitious. The entire time, they employed patience and made strategic moves. Eventually, with their eyes steady and their feet firmly planted… the lions got close enough to attack the buffalo from every side. In the end… each lion got its promised share of the bounty. To them, it was a day’s work that was well worth the wait.

Here are 7 key things we can draw from the lions on the proper use of willpower to achieve our goals.

1. Vision – See what you want to do.

2. Motivation – Encourage yourself to begin.

3. Responsibility – You are in charge.

4. Patience – Don’t give up, see it through.

5. Courage – Be brave in your quest.

6. Confidence – Stay cool. You’ve got this.

7. Action – Finish what you start.

Keep these things in mind as you climb the mountains of life and go after success. They will help you to keep the determination to utilize your willpower… when you think you’re falling. Know this, that the difference between those who are on top of the mountain looking down and those at the bottom looking up – wondering if they can make the climb – is how their  WILLPOWER is used. And it’s this same willpower that gave them the drive and the determination to climb the mountain – at all costs.

Never Allow Your Critics To Define You

Failure has very little to do with your real value as a person. Therefore, if you want to succeed, you will first need to let go of your notion of what failure is all about… and fully believe in your abilities. To be successful… never accept defeat, or never allow anyone to define you by your weaknesses or struggles because you are so much more than what those things are.

Mountains are tough…and full of obstacles. No mountain in the entire world has a natural, smooth road with a straight and easy path to the top. Striving for success – just like mountain climbing – requires determination and some hard work. It involves getting around, going over, or removing many obstacles that may block your upward path.

“The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be afraid you will make one continually.” ~ Elbert Hubbard                                                                                                         

Get use to the fact that you will encounter similar difficulties, obstacles, and resistance from people and things on your way to success. If you cannot overcome them, your ambition will be defeated. You will quit the climb, discouraged; or will be driven back, and become frustrated by failure.

Overcome Criticism

For sure, you will never be able to silence all of your critics. “You can please some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.” Therefore, it’s good to know your value as an individual. Do not allow criticism to define your self-worth, but rather, focus on your strengths and attributes. Failure can and will cause you pain, now and then, but use it to your advantage. Learn from it… stay focused on your vision, and do not allow your dreams to slip away.

Many people, because of their insecurities, will say and do things to belittle you or to make themselves feel more significant. But, at all times, you have to be your own biggest fan! You might not be among the rich and famous… but, you are just as unique. Nobody is born with super-human-like toughness that shields them from disappointment, self-doubt or misgivings.

Everyone has to wage their inner battles with the fear of failure as they work hard to overcome the external obstacles that block their path to success. The one thing that differentiates successful people from ordinary people, however, is that they do not become a victim to their failures. When they fall down, they get back up. And when people tell them it can’t be done… instead of giving up, they try even harder.

Take Possession of Your Future

“It’s easy to dodge your responsibilities, but you cannot dodge the consequences of dodging your responsibilities.” And, the willingness to accept responsibility for your own life is the source from which greatness and self-respect blossoms.

RESPONSIBILITY is one of those words you’ve probably heard so many times from authority figures in your life… that you’ve developed a bit of an allergic reaction to it. Still, it’s one of the most important things you can do to take possession of your future. Without it as a foundation… nothing else in life works.You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by avoiding it today. You are responsible for your life, and your ultimate success depends on the personal choices you make. A sure sign of wisdom and maturity is when you come to terms with the realization that when you directly take responsibility for your decisions… it brings great rewards and positive consequences.

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, [and take responsibility for your actions], You will be successful.” ~ Albert Schweitzer

We form habits, and then our habits form us! Very often, though, people stand in their way… and in the way of their success. Somehow, they begin to self-sabotage or mentally hold themselves back in subtle or not so subtle ways – with self-doubt… when they should be on their way to success, they dream of.  However, you should remember that success and action do not spring from thought, but from a readiness to take responsibility.

To eliminate your inner struggles, you have to feel and think that you deserve the things you are searching for in life. But the most significant impact by far comes from taking responsibility for yourself and your life… by trusting GOD and continue doing the right thing.

By taking responsibility for your life, you not only gain control of what happens, but it will also become more natural for you to feel like you deserve more in life as your self-esteem builds and as you do the right thing more consistently. You will also feel better about yourself – which is critically important.

You are a fantastic person! The best days of your life are ahead of you. But, it’s up to you what you do with your days. Take Possession of Your Future. Don’t allow life to lead you wherever it wants to lead you gradually. Be responsible! No matter what obstacles you face each day, aim to be… and to do your best with what you have at that moment. Always hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody else expects of you.


There is an old saying to the effect that… “Opportunity only knocks once at our door”— but that is so, not true. Opportunity knocks at some people’s doors nearly every day of their lives and is given a royal welcome. That’s what Opportunity likes—appreciation. It often goes to the home where the latchstring hangs on the outside. It’s like a sign reading “Hot coffee at all hours, day or night”—very inviting. Very much different, however, from the house whose windows shed no light and whose door is barred from within. “Nobody Home!” that’s the sign for this door.

Real opportunity knocks from within every single day. It often comes to us in the form of misfortune or temporary defeat. Each problem has hidden in it… an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs our problems. Through experience, built up by continuous effort, we can allow our mind and vision to expand. With enough effort, we will see the things we ought to do and we go for it! To the person who doesn’t see it… the opportunity does not exist.

For those of us who have vision, there are all sorts of opportunities, but many of them are not good for us. The ones we create for ourselves are healthy ones, and generally they are the best for us. When we take advantage of our opportunities, we will take great pride in our life-living and enjoy it even more. Every day, we must understand that everything we do is in direct relation to other things and dependent in part on other people. So, we should never think we can do things on our own without someone else’s help. GOD created life and opportunity… to help us form relationships with others; and not for us to mentally live in seclusion on our own private island.

Our biggest opportunities come from within us – hidden right under our nose. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity. And when we have built the right relationships and somehow plug-in the missing pieces to life’s puzzle to create our masterpiece, then we can smile and exhale… and proceed to laugh and live!

Never Get Comfortable With Being Afraid

“Life is inherently risky. There is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs, and that is the risk of doing nothing.” ~ Denis Waitley

The fear of taking risks that exists inside you will never go away. Therefore, you must learn how to make choices that will help you overcome fear. As you grow, you must also come to the point to where you never get comfortable with being afraid to do something daily, that will be beneficial for your growth.

Many times, fear in the form of negative self-talk can be your worst enemy. Self-talk, in the form of negative thoughts, can cause you to say some mean things to yourself, things you would never say to a friend or loved one, or even to a total stranger on the street.

• “I’m not good enough.”
• “I always mess things up.”
• “It won’t work, because everything I try to do, always ends up in failure.”

Negative self-dialogue like the ones mentioned above will make you lie to yourself, and eventually cause you to develop the thought pattern of always seeing yourself with a critical eye, rather than living by faith the way GOD intended for you to live.

Each day, you must remind yourself that, you cannot wear mismatched shoes. A shoe of faith and a shoe of fear. Neither will pair with the other. One shoe – faith – will help you grow spiritually and naturally in ways that might seem impossible to others. At the same time, the other shoe – fear – will hold you back from ever finding your happy place in life, because you will always live in a state of wonder, afraid to make moves or act, because you will be too scared to step outside your comfort zone.

No more “mismatched” shoes. You cannot walk in fear and faith at the same time and get positive results. Pull off the shoe of fear, and place the other shoe of faith on your foot, and then both feet will be equipped to catapult you into action to be able to live the beautiful life GOD intended for you to live. That place does not exist, however, inside your comfort zone.

Your comfort zone is a myth. Do not be afraid of moving forward. The best results that will bring you happiness exists in situations that will take you beyond your comfort zone. The situations will not force you to do anything. The choice to step out on faith in GOD will be the determining factor in whether you succeed or fail.

Therefore, never allow your faith to take root in one place. Move forward. Faith needs to walk more than it stands. GOD works outside of your comfort zone. Be willing to let go of what makes you afraid so that you can have a better life. You will still be you. Change is good. Change can make you happy.

Each day, it is important to remember that, life has put you in the driver’s seat and you can travel in any direction you choose. But, being better, having better, and living better will require strategic moves – in the right direction. Choose the path of faith. Take off the mismatched shoes of faith and fear. Walk by faith, in matching shoes of course.

Don’t Let How You Feel… Make You Forget What You’re Worth

You can make broken look beautiful… and make strong look invincible. You can walk with the world on your shoulders, and make it look like you are walking with a pair of wings. That’s what walking by faith looks like. It is then that nothing can defeat you, and nothing can get the best of you. Yet it can only happen if you trust GOD.

Sometimes, it will seem like with all of the possibilities life has to offer, you just don’t measure up, and it might make you feel useless. Then, those thoughts might get you to thinking about your dreams, all you want to be, all you want to do, and where you want to go, but you for whatever reason, just don’t how to get there. Somehow, these thoughts might make you feel a sense of brokenness.

Hold your head up. Listen up! Remember, broken crayons still color! Therefore, even in the midst of tears and heartache and brokenness, you have to be able to find your strength. First, though, you have to be able to allow yourself to heal.

The struggle you are in today is developing the strength you need to face tomorrow. Have faith in the fact that you are “Fearfully and wonderfully made.” You are not made to stay broken. You are not made to stay down. Moreover, you were not created to be defeated.

Your greatest strength lies deep inside you. Look within. Dig into your power! GOD is there… and HE is waiting to be called upon to supply your needs, and fix everything has caused you to feel broken. Allow it to happen.

When you focus your thoughts on GOD, everything about you can be brighter and more joyful. When you feel weighed down with problems, however, it is easy to become anxious and nervous about what comes next.

Still, never allow the default setting in your mind make you focus more on problem-solving than depending on GOD’s ability to solve problems.  Instead of allowing your thoughts to flow towards what’s wrong and how to fix it, pray and allow GOD to determine what the next step is, to help correct what is wrong.

How To Find A Balance Between Pain and Possibility…..

Be free! Don’t allow the story or the past events of your life to define your future. Sure, acknowledge the pain… because after all, it did happen. But don’t dwell on it in such a way that it stops you from being happy now – and in the future. And don’t let the pain define you. It’s time to look beyond the pain… and see your possibilities. Because your story is not yet finished!

Take some time. Notice your thoughts. Pay more attention to how you react when you think about your past. If you can, somehow, learn to focus your attention on the now rather than on the past, you can change your life today. There’s always something about you… that you’ll want to change. But to be happy, it’s important that you become happy with who you see when you look into the mirror.

I don’t know your story. However, I do know that there are millions of people just like you all across the world, who come from a past of: Mental/verbal or physical abuse, sexual abuse and dealing with alcoholism – through parents or loved ones. Others are dealing with issues like: The death of a loved one, an emotional breakup, a job loss or family infighting. And it’s natural to feel hurt. Still, to find a balance between your pain and your possibilities, you have to:

  • Accept yourself… and know you’re just as good as anyone else.
  • Avoid getting stuck in one place… or losing yourself.
  • Recognize your good traits… and build on them.
  • Focus on GOD… He can help you work through the difficulties.
  • Accept your flaws… and appreciate the good things about life.

… And come to see those flaws as actually good and unique parts of who you are – so you can learn to work through them – and find possibilities to grow from them and above them.

Remember that, if you get hurt, belittled, insulted, offended, etc., it’s not always your fault. If that’s what you’re thinking, it’s just not true. Believing that, suggests that no one on earth will ever love, bond with or trust you. In fact, that’s even further from the truth. And, that kind of thought process can give you a negative self-image of yourself.

But that’s what happens. Many people just don’t believe they can achieve their goals – because they have a negative self-image, and that negativity will stop them from achieving any kind of success every time. But Faith – not positive thinking – is the key to achievement. And by… through… and with faith – all things are possible.

Learn to Eliminate Unnecessary Things… and Enjoy Life

Life as a whole is better if you go slowly, and take the time to savor it, and appreciate every moment possible. That’s the simplest reason to slow down.

Full speed ahead! That’s how we live in our society. So it seems contradictory to our modern world, where everything is a rush, where we try to cram as much into every minute of the day as possible, where if we are not busy, we feel unproductive and lazy. Continue reading Learn to Eliminate Unnecessary Things… and Enjoy Life

Always See Your Life As Being “INCREDIBLE”

If you were to get everything you wanted, now… all at once: What would there be to look forward to? What would there be to hope for? What would your future look like? What would you wait in expectation for tomorrow?

~ P. Williamson


I’ve notice that in the past, like many people, I was always wishing I was doing something different, thinking about what I would do in the future, making plans for my life to come, reading (with jealousy) about cool things other people were doing. Continue reading Always See Your Life As Being “INCREDIBLE”

When Life Doesn’t Go Your Way… Don’t Settle For Less

There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” ~ Nelson Mandela


In reality, life should not be a journey to the grave. It should be lived on purpose with the intent for it to be an exciting adventure.

Each day, it is important to remember that, life has put you in the driver’s seat … and you can travel in any direction you choose. But, being better… having better… and living better, will require strategic moves – in the right direction.

There’s an ever-present underlying feeling that most of us have that we could be doing things better. That we’re not sure how to live life. That we’re doing things wrong. That everyone else is better.

Don’t allow those types of thoughts to cause you to over-compensate, and do too much… by forcing things to happen for you too quickly. Be good at what you do… and give better things time to happen.

Try to improve your life… but don’t feel bad when things don’t change as rapidly as you expect them to. Also, never seek comfort in anything that will cause you to be distracted from what you know your true purpose to be.

Take a moment, sometimes, and pause where you are. Soak in the current state of the room where you are. Stay in tune with your own state of mind. Just notice what it feels like to be alive… and to have life.

Now see how this moment is enough. Just as it is. Without any need for improvement. It is a wonder, and there’s no need for more. Yet when there is a need for more, if you are doing all of the little things well that are right in front of you every day… then more will happen.

Remember this simple fact: When you have done all you can to do all you can, pray about it. Prayer changes things. Put the things in GOD’s hand that seem out of reach for you. Allow GOD to change those things in His own time for you, and you will come to realize that your life will turn out to be absolutely wonderful.


Watch Where You’re Going. Keep Your Eyes On GOD…

Life Comes At You Fast. But, always Look ahead! You have a long life of promise in front of you… and you don’t want to do anything that could hurt your future. Because life is full of curves and twists. Just like the highway, if you take your eyes off the road of life too long, you might lose control and end up hurting yourself.


You’ve seen the road signs that say, “Danger Ahead!” It’s a fair warning to be careful as you advance on your journey on the highway. But in life, there’s danger behind you too. And the danger I’m referring to is when you spend more time looking back at the past years of your life… either wishing you could have them back, or wishing you could totally erase them – because it haunts you every day. Continue reading Watch Where You’re Going. Keep Your Eyes On GOD…

When You Make the Decision to Change… You Can’t Look Back

Fear of failure and change and discomfort and uncertainty are real … but they’re not good enough reasons for inaction. They can all be overcome. I’ve dealt with them, and so have thousands, millions of others. You’re no worse than me or anyone else — you can face these fears.


The key is… you have to follow GOD. When you make the decision to change… you can’t look back. You have to listen closely to HIS voice, and then follow what HE’s saying to you. From that point, you have to follow the DREAM HE has put inside you. Continue reading When You Make the Decision to Change… You Can’t Look Back

Learn To Enjoy Life For What It Is…

We always want things to be different. We don’t know why… we just do. So, we strive to improve things – even ourselves – when we are unsatisfied with how things are. But then what? Most times, we are still unsatisfied, because the underlying cause of our problems isn’t the things around us, but it’s our expectation of things.

Equilibrist businessman

Learn to enjoy life for what it is. Every now and then… take a moment, sit down… and reflect on your life. Continue reading Learn To Enjoy Life For What It Is…