Never Get Comfortable With Being Afraid

“Life is inherently risky. There is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs, and that is the risk of doing nothing.” ~ Denis Waitley

The fear of taking risks that exists inside you will never go away. Therefore, you must learn how to make choices that will help you overcome fear. As you grow, you must also come to the point to where you never get comfortable with being afraid to do something daily, that will be beneficial for your growth.

Many times, fear in the form of negative self-talk can be your worst enemy. Self-talk, in the form of negative thoughts, can cause you to say some mean things to yourself, things you would never say to a friend or loved one, or even to a total stranger on the street.

• “I’m not good enough.”
• “I always mess things up.”
• “It won’t work, because everything I try to do, always ends up in failure.”

Negative self-dialogue like the ones mentioned above will make you lie to yourself, and eventually cause you to develop the thought pattern of always seeing yourself with a critical eye, rather than living by faith the way GOD intended for you to live.

Each day, you must remind yourself that, you cannot wear mismatched shoes. A shoe of faith and a shoe of fear. Neither will pair with the other. One shoe – faith – will help you grow spiritually and naturally in ways that might seem impossible to others. At the same time, the other shoe – fear – will hold you back from ever finding your happy place in life, because you will always live in a state of wonder, afraid to make moves or act, because you will be too scared to step outside your comfort zone.

No more “mismatched” shoes. You cannot walk in fear and faith at the same time and get positive results. Pull off the shoe of fear, and place the other shoe of faith on your foot, and then both feet will be equipped to catapult you into action to be able to live the beautiful life GOD intended for you to live. That place does not exist, however, inside your comfort zone.

Your comfort zone is a myth. Do not be afraid of moving forward. The best results that will bring you happiness exists in situations that will take you beyond your comfort zone. The situations will not force you to do anything. The choice to step out on faith in GOD will be the determining factor in whether you succeed or fail.

Therefore, never allow your faith to take root in one place. Move forward. Faith needs to walk more than it stands. GOD works outside of your comfort zone. Be willing to let go of what makes you afraid so that you can have a better life. You will still be you. Change is good. Change can make you happy.

Each day, it is important to remember that, life has put you in the driver’s seat and you can travel in any direction you choose. But, being better, having better, and living better will require strategic moves – in the right direction. Choose the path of faith. Take off the mismatched shoes of faith and fear. Walk by faith, in matching shoes of course.

Nothing is Impossible! Dream On….

Everyone, at some point in his or her life, has dreamed of being somebody special. Somebody big. There are not many guys who haven’t fantasized about being the one who hits the game-winning homer? There are not many girls who haven’t dreamed of being homecoming queen? And how many times have all of us dreamed of being rich, or successful, or happy with our relationships?


Often, we dream big dreams and have great aspirations. Overtime; unfortunately, our dreams remain just that – dreams. And our aspirations easily collect dust in our attic. This is a sad turn of events in our life. Instead of experiencing exciting adventures in self-actualization, we get caught up in the routine of living from day-to-day just barely existing. Continue reading Nothing is Impossible! Dream On….

Life Is Not Always Perfect. Still, Enjoy The Journey.

“We are all individuals taking different journeys and along our journey, we sometimes bump into each other, we cross paths, we become altered… we take different physical forms. But at all times we too are 100% perfectly imperfect.” ― Steve Maraboli

3435380297_49722db05f_o (550x367)

It’s sometimes hard for us to admit we’re just human… and not in charge of everything. It’s even harder for us not to know everything. Yet, we must somehow learn to become comfortable with our reality… learn to live with our limitations, and find happiness in striving to be better. Continue reading Life Is Not Always Perfect. Still, Enjoy The Journey.

When Someone Won’t Change…. What Then?

Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t.” ― Steve Maraboli


Most people, at some point or another, have had the thought… “What if I could just get them to see things my way?” If only I could get him/her to be more considerate, less annoying, more diligent, see my point of view…

How often have you wanted to change other people so they’d be better? Better spouses, kids, roommates, coworkers, employees? We want our kids to study harder and clean up after themselves, our spouses to be more considerate, our coworkers to be on time, our roommates to be neater, our relatives to be healthier, and so we try to change them.

How often has that worked out for you?

People don’t want to be changed. And we can’t force them to change. This causes no end of frustration, for us and the person who we’re trying to change.

What we can change, instead is:

Our responses to their actions. If someone is being frustrating, we can instead find something to be grateful for about them. We can see their virtues instead of their faults. We can change our expectations of them, and instead accept them for the beautiful person they are.

Our intention for them. Instead of wanting them to change, we can offer guidance in the spirit of helping, but not expect them to accept that guidance. We can show them a way that might be helpful, but not demand they follow that way.

Our example for them. If someone gets angry all the time (and you don’t like that), instead of getting angry back, be the example. How should they deal with frustrations if not through anger? Show them. Be calm. Be loving and gentle and compassionate.

Ourselves. Try changing yourself, and see how easy that is. It’s actually pretty hard. Try changing your diet, or your responses to people. It’s doable, but far from easy. If it’s not easy for you to change, why should we expect everyone else to change, and get frustrated when they don’t? Why should everyone else but you change? Why not change to adapt to the reality of the world around you, instead of expecting the world to bend to your desires?

If we focus on these four things, instead of trying to change people, we will be much happier. And our relationship with others will be much better. Isn’t that worth the effort?

You Are An “Unrepeatable” Miracle!

You are blessed. No kidding! GOD takes your life and your future seriously. So, remind yourself every day you get out of bed – for the rest of your life – that you are “Fearfully and wonderfully made”… in the image of GOD.

Butterfly (550x331)

On those days when you’re feeling a little “less than” normal… continue to fight fearlessly against the enemy that seeks to enter your mind and steal your happiness. Continue reading You Are An “Unrepeatable” Miracle!

Highly Recommended: 7 Steps to Success

Take all excuses off the table. Make today a positive day. Don’t allow anything negative to control you, persuade you… or hold you back from achieving greatness. If you sincerely desire happiness, success and a better future, go after it.  


If you success is what you want, then success is what you have to go after. Yet, you have to be strong and determined as you attempt to obtain the things that you truly believe in, even if you’re not fully sure of what the outcome might be.

Regardless of how things turn out, your true strength lies in the fact that you took action. If you feel reluctant to move forward at times, remember the possibilities of a negative outcome will only make you stronger on your next effort – the next time around. Continue reading Highly Recommended: 7 Steps to Success

Why GOD’s Plan Is More Important Than Your Life-Plan

There is a lot of talk these days about creating a life-plan.  One-year goals, 3-year goals, 5 or 10-year goals… people place a lot of confidence in a well defined life plan. It’s a great way to live – being able to plan ahead. Question is though, how effective is a life-plan without GOD, the Giver of life?

iStock_000011845288Medium-760x506 (550x366)

Truth is, GOD knows what to do with your life, much better than you do. Sure, He might take longer than you would like, but eventually, He gets the job done. And, He always gets it right. Perfectly right, I might add.

GOD often leads us through strange territory… and through some very unfamiliar territory just to teach us how to lean and depend on Him for all our needs.. Sometimes He defers, or even destroys our dreams. “But GOD!” Our loving, tender, delightful Father, knows exactly what He is doing. There is no question about it.

  • Are you in a place you never expected to be?
  • Has GOD taken you on a path you never would have willfully chosen?
  • Do wonder sometimes, why you are where you are at this point in your life?

If so, be encouraged. God hasn’t deserted you. He hasn’t forgotten you. He hasn’t made a mistake. He is still there. He knows exactly what He is doing. He knows exactly what you need and where you need to be. And, lovingly, He is taking you to the point in your life, where you need to be.

Therefore, as you set aside time to plan your life… remember also, to plan your time with GOD. You will never  be able to “Find time” to spend with GOD. So, you have to purposefully make time. It is a sacrifice… but it’s one that’s well worth the trouble. Sometimes it will take:

  • Alone time
  • Turning off the T.V.
  • Responding later to texts or phone calls
  • Putting off exercising or leisure activities
  • Waiting to eat later
  • Postponing sleep until later…

When and how you do it is totally up to you. The objective is, to make sure you do it. If your goal is to know GOD, you have to be intentional… and set aside time to spend with Him. If you are intentional about making GOD your top priority, He will, in return, make you His priority as well.

How Much Is Your Dream Worth To You?

TODAY, be positive about your dreams. Don’t entrust your dreams to just anyone… and don’t let them die. Stay faithful to GOD… and do what it takes to please HIM, so that He will provide you with all of the necessary tools to fulfill your dreams.


“I have a dream.” That’s what you first have to realize. The words have to echo from the innermost parts of your soul. No matter if they are big or small, your dreams have to be launched with a swell of excitement. In the process of striving to achieve them… you have to keep the faith that “all things are possible,” even your dreams. Because it won’t take long to realize every day is not going to be smooth sailing. However, when your mental GPS fails, and you begin to wonder about your dreams… always remember, you can turn to GOD for help and guidance. Continue reading How Much Is Your Dream Worth To You?

I NEED YOUR HELP: (Authentic Leadership Magazine Release)

Help me spread the word…….

I’ve tried my very best to encourage you each morning, over the past few years. It’s been quite a journey… and I pray the experience has been a pleasant one for you so far. And, I hope the morning posts have been helpful, and have made a positive impact on your life. Now, I NEED YOUR HELP.

We’ve released the Winter Edition of The Authentic Leadership Magazine.

Authentic Leadership Magazine Cover

JOIN THE JOURNEY. Share the news with others. It would really help me reach more people… and share with them that there’s much more to life than what the natural eye can see. It’s about finding joy in the “Little things” in life.

I created the Authentic Leadership Magazine in order to take you on a personal adventure into life and self-discovery.

Subscribe today! Download Your Copy. It’s your opportunity to go a bit deeper… to be strengthened, empowered and inspired about GOD, as He leads you along the path of your divine destiny, to give you the success He has prepared for you. The magazine offers encouragement, practical wisdom, and opportunities to commune with GOD on a personal level.

Also, I have taken the opportunity to collaborate with some special Christian writers and bloggers, who share inspiring stories that will help you find your way into an intimate, vital friendship with GOD, and with life. When you download your copy, take a moment to read what they have to say. I would really appreciate it. Thank you… and GOD Bless!

“Together we can inspire an entire generation.”

Pat Williamson


Decide For Yourself…That You Will Be Happy

No waiting for tomorrow. Today begins, “Happily ever after” for you. If happiness is sincerely what you want, the best way to begin today is to affirm your happiness. Start the day off affirming: “TODAY is going to be a good day! Today, my life is prosperous, and GOD’s spirit is fresh upon me, therefore; I won’t allow anything to take away the happiness and joy I feel as a result of GOD’s grace towards me.”

05032011_Happy_article (550x309)

Your “Someday”… is Today! And Oh what a Great Day it can turn out to be for you – if you give it your all.

Make the right decision! Decide that, today, you will trust GOD in all things, and for all things… because all good things happen through GOD. Don’t delay it for another day. You don’t want to look back, somewhere in the distant future, and wonder if good enough could’ve been better. Grab a hold to the hand that’s reaching down to help you – GOD’s hand – while He is willing to do whatever it takes to make your life the best it can be. Continue reading Decide For Yourself…That You Will Be Happy