4 Unique Ways To Change Your Life For The Better

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” ― Albert Einstein

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Things in your life will change for the better… whenever you change. So you have to depend more on GOD… and stop worrying about “What if.” Relinquish control and put your faith in the Rightful Owner of your life – GOD. If you worry, you will mess up the day… for you, and possibly for everyone else around you. And you will miss out on all the Great Things life is trying to offer you. But worry will blind your thinking, judgment and vision. Continue reading 4 Unique Ways To Change Your Life For The Better


How You Can Hear GOD’s Voice

Yes! GOD really speaks. GOD has been speaking to and directing mankind… from the Garden of Eden until today. Yet, people often doubt whether we can really hear GOD’s voice? But, somewhere, deep down in the silence of our hearts… GOD does speak.

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I believe GOD speaks to us in two very distinct ways – through the Bible and through the Holy Spirit. And, even if He speaks through the Holy Spirit… it will usually lead us right back to the Bible, but with specific applications which are relevant to our lives and circumstances. Continue reading How You Can Hear GOD’s Voice

It Matters How Pleasantly You Treat YOU… and Others

When you choose to be pleasant and positive in the way you treat others, you’ve also chosen, in most cases, how you are going to be treated by others.” ~ Zig Ziglar

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Being pleasant helps you to be strong in body and mind, and it keeps you young a long time. It’s good medicine. I know it… because I’ve tried it my entire life… and I observe how having a pleasant attitude affects other people in a positive way – when they interact with you. Continue reading It Matters How Pleasantly You Treat YOU… and Others

Develop The Creative Leader In You: Be Spontaneous

Finding the right balance in life is key to personal happiness and to being a great leader. To live a balanced lifestyle, of course, takes creativity, a conscious effort daily… and personal participation.

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To be a well-rounded leader… and to live a creative life every day, you have to do creative things, every day. It doesn’t really matter what creative things you do, as long as it’s something – big or small – that will catapult you towards reaching future goals… and building towards your success.

Each day, make it a habit not to judge yourself on your creative output. Live freely… and allow yourself space to be spontaneous. Sometimes your creativity will be on fire. That’s the GOOD NEWS. Other times, it’s not. And those are the times when you just have to relax your mind. Save yourself the grief of stressing. Stressing will do nothing to help you, positively. Continue reading Develop The Creative Leader In You: Be Spontaneous

Healthy Relationships: How To Withstand The Test Of Change

Life is short! All of us have a limited time to live a remarkable life. Some people live for days, years, decades – and with a stroke of mercy from GOD, a few might live for a century – but nobody lives here forever. That’s why; we have to take the time to give the best we have to offer to all of our relationships… because without any advance notice, things can change.

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Sudden change can affect every facet of our lives… and rock us to your knees. We can’t always prepare for it… even when we think we are fully prepared. However, what we can do is take a close-up look at life… and everything around us that matters most, and figure out if there are things we can change that will help increase the value of our family, social and work relationships.

People change! That’s a fact we have to live with every single day of our lives. Every day we have to put up with changes with: Continue reading Healthy Relationships: How To Withstand The Test Of Change

Cope With Loss: But Keep Living

Losing a loved one is never easy. No matter who you are… it affects you. It makes you grieve and question GOD. You might ask, “GOD WHY. What did I do to deserve this pain?” In reality, though, it has nothing to do with you at all. Death is a part of Life.

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Like many of you, I have lost a sibling, close friends, cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Somehow, though, losing my father put life into perspective. For sure… more than any other loss I have dealt with, his passing brought Death closer to my door steps – and made it more REAL than any other time in my life. It let me know that each day that passes… brings us all ONE DAY and ONE STEP closer to eternity. Therefore, it certainly makes me place my focus on GOD… and appreciate life just a little bit more. Continue reading Cope With Loss: But Keep Living

What To Expect From Life

Move quickly and carefully! Life happens in Real-time! You can either act, or you will have to react to what happens – after it happens. Life is not given to you by GOD to trick you… but it won’t “Pet you” either. And although Life can sometimes seem like a Chameleon because of the way it changes from day to day… it takes you through those changes because it’s just trying to get you to see through the fear… and the ups and downs-and see GOD.

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As the saying goes, “Life comes at you fast…,” so you have to be ready for what it might bring. Time is valuable – and it can’t be wasted, if you want to get the most from life. Nothing is promised. TOMORROW, is just another TODAY… but in a different time. But there’s no time to procrastinate… or put off things that can be done today, until later. Because TOMORROW, TODAY will be here yet again, then the next day… and the next. Continue reading What To Expect From Life