Your Attitude, And How You Handle Situations, Means Everything

We cannot change our past… we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude. I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. And so it is with you… we are in charge of our Attitudes.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll

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Attitude is everything! Seriously. That’s the reason it is never a good idea to jump to conclusions. Patience and looking at situations before making a hasty decision is key.

In many ways, we blame other people for our frustrations. For some reason, they seem to irritate us, don’t do things the right way, are incompetent, rude, inconsiderate, bad drivers, too slow, thoughtless, boring, and uncaring.

Truth is…. we will always be frustrated if we stick to this mindset. We will always be angry, offended, hurt, disappointed. There will be no end to the offenses humanity can take against us, as long as we decide that everyone else is wrong, all the time.

Guess what though…. they’re not the problem. In fact, the other person is never the problem. The real problem is our reaction. We cannot stop others from being rude — but we can change how we react.

Successful Real Estate Broker, Gary Woltal said it best in this quote:

Life is not perfect. You just work your way through things. That involves staying calm, putting your thinking cap on, vent for five minutes maybe, THEN MOVE ON. You move on with being positive, staying in a healthy frame of mind, and finding good nurturing support mechanisms (good people for example) around you as a foundation. YOU be the helper to others in their dire times as well.”

… And it’s true. Sure, there are people who you rely on who are careless and irresponsible. Still, they are not the problem. You can’t change that, and so the question is, how will you deal with it? You can rage and be upset all the time, or you can let go of expectations, breathe, and act appropriately within this reality.

If we can react in a calmer, more peaceful manner, we will be happier. We will then act in a more compassionate way, smile, and perhaps the other person will be transformed just a little bit by this act of compassion.

How to Be Happy…. “Real Talk”

It’s simple. Wake up Every day in Expectation of GREAT THINGS! Happiness is a personal decision. In the best of circumstances, or in the worst of circumstances, you have to be accountable to yourself for your own happiness.


Things… are great. But things – an incredible house with a swimming pool, a wonderful spouse or significant other, beautiful children, a great life of leisure activity – do not equate to a happy life. Actually, there are times when those things can cause more headache and heartache, than happiness.

Many people feel that there is something missing from their lives, that despite having everything they need they aren’t happy, aren’t content, and cannot find satisfaction.

I’ve been through stages in my life like this, and I’ve also climbed out of such ruts more than once. I know it isn’t easy, but I also know that it’s possible. Looking back on these times in my life, when I overcame discontentment, I’ve realized there are three things you can do:

1. Change your attitude and perspective.

This is huge. I can’t overstate the importance of how you look at things. And I know, the power of positive thinking is a cliché in the self-help world, but that’s because it works. And, by changing your attitude, you can become happy, almost immediately. Yet, it’s a choice.

2. Take some kind of positive action.

It doesn’t matter what the action is, as long as you’re doing something positive. Start small — just take a tiny little baby step. But start.

And you know what? Taking that little baby step will feel like a victory. Then take that feeling of success and use it to take another tiny baby step. And another. And then, yet another. And so on, until you look back and you’ve actually taken a series of baby steps that add up to a whole great amount of traveling. It’s amazing how the power of little positive steps can add up over time.

3. Do something that gives you meaning.

Often we feel dissatisfied with life because while we might have a good life — at least, all the comfort and leisure we need — we might not be doing anything that feels worthwhile. It might feel meaningless. The cure: find meaning, do something meaningful.

Spend time with loved ones. Volunteer. Create something meaningful. Do something to make the lives of others better.

And you can do one of these things or all three, all at once, one at a time, or in whatever combination that best works for you. They can work alone, or together. The whole idea is to…. Just do it! 

7 Tips To Help Get You Through Trials

Personal problems can sometimes make you feel like the world is about to end. And when you’re going through trials, it’s easy for your mind to wander off into a state of fear… and get caught up in thinking, “My life is useless and nothing good will ever happen for me.” But don’t lose hope… changing your mindset and doing several simple things can actually turn your life around – and bring you happiness.  

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All of us go through storms at some point in life. And in no way, can we control when the storms will come. However, it’s good to be prepared for when they do come… and patient during the storm. A spiritual storm, just like natural storms, allows GOD to do His work in us. It’s His way of building our: Continue reading 7 Tips To Help Get You Through Trials

7 Things To Help You LIVE, LAUGH And LOVE More…

Laugh as much as you breathe… and love as long as you live. Enjoy life while it’s in front of you to enjoy. Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.

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Live a little. GOD created life to be enjoyed. And, it certainly makes me enjoy life all the more whenever I see others happy and enjoying their lives. Continue reading 7 Things To Help You LIVE, LAUGH And LOVE More…

Trust GOD When Life Seems Dark and Hopeless

Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” – Isaiah 41:10

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“Why do so many bad things happen to me?” Have you ever asked yourself that question… or, did you ever have one of those moments when you felt like you didn’t matter? Like your life didn’t matter? Continue reading Trust GOD When Life Seems Dark and Hopeless

Slow Down… Enjoy Life

Don’t hurry too much. Don’t always be in a rush. What’s the hurry? Sure, you have things to do, responsibilities to take care of, people who depend on you and deadlines to meet. But, what about you. At what point will you enjoy life? Today, take some time for you.

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Everyone has the same twenty-four hours in a day. Yet, it’s what you do with your time that’s important… and that’s what gives it value.

The burden of living life can only get to you if you allow it to get to you. It’s best to see life as good… rather than burdensome. Think positive about it. Draw upon your faith in GOD to get you through the bad, to the good.

Every day won’t have a perfect ending.

Every situation won’t end as well as you’d like it to end.

Every moment won’t be a perfect “Fairy tale” moment.

Still, every ending implies a new beginning. Every beginning means the start of a wonderful adventure. And the adventure of life never ends. Like all adventures, there will be moments of fear, joy, peace, sorrow, turmoil, anxiety, anticipation… and every kind of emotion you can possibly imagine. That’s life. But, if you take a moment or two, every once in a while, you will find that your world is safe and that there is never a problem you will face that doesn’t have a solution – if you trust GOD.

Therefore, it’s a must that you learn to trust…. Trust GOD, trust your life, and your very being. You have to be the one to make it all worthwhile. Then, as you trust more, you will see that your problems will start to disappear… and your faith will grow beyond the mustard seed.

Live your life from the inside out. Not the opposite. Don’t allow outside circumstances to weigh you down. Just because negative situations exist now, that doesn’t mean they will last forever. Circumstances can change… but it’s up to your faith to make them change in your favor.

4 Life-Altering Truths That Will Make You Better

Success is possible. But every day, life expects results from you. What good do you bring to the table – of LIFE? Are you just sitting and waiting to be served… or do you have something of value to offer. The world is full of people who need things. Either you will go about the task of seeing to those needs by learning a unique set of skills, or the world will reject you, no matter how kind, giving and polite you are.

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Life is about reality. Everything is ‘Real world’ and ‘Real time’. There are no re-runs or replays. You don’t have to like it. In fact, you don’t have to like anything…. You don’t even have to agree with everything. But for sure, life will still go on. And you will still have to do things that will help you find the joy in life, and make your life worthy of living. Continue reading 4 Life-Altering Truths That Will Make You Better

You Are An “Unrepeatable” Miracle!

You are blessed. No kidding! GOD takes your life and your future seriously. So, remind yourself every day you get out of bed – for the rest of your life – that you are “Fearfully and wonderfully made”… in the image of GOD.

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On those days when you’re feeling a little “less than” normal… continue to fight fearlessly against the enemy that seeks to enter your mind and steal your happiness. Continue reading You Are An “Unrepeatable” Miracle!

GOD Made You The Way You Are… For His Purpose

We strive to improve our lives, mostly because we are dissatisfied with how things are. How do I know this? Well, because I’ve lived it… and I know other people who have as well. But, the striving never ends – when you are unhappy.

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When you are unsatisfied with how things are, including yourself, you can make changes, but then what? You will still be unsatisfied, because the root causes of the problem aren’t the things around you, but your expectations. Actually, you expect things to be different, and they’re not. The mental conversation you probably have with yourself might go something like this: Continue reading GOD Made You The Way You Are… For His Purpose

7 Ways to Weather Life’s Storms

Someone once said, “When GOD permits His children to go through the furnace, He keeps His eye on the clock and His hand on the thermostat.” I guess they were trying to say… GOD knows the pulse of every person He created. He knows what each of us can take… even when we think we can’t take it. GOD never puts more on us than we can bear to carry within us.


Everyone has storms. Whether big or small, in no way can we control when the storms will come. Yet, it’s good to be prepared for when they do come.

Personal problems can sometimes make you feel like the world is about to end. And when you’re going through trials, it’s easy for your mind to wander off into a state of fear… and get caught thinking, “My life is useless and nothing good will ever happen for me.” But don’t lose hope… changing your mindset and doing several simple things can actually turn your life around – and bring you happiness.   Continue reading 7 Ways to Weather Life’s Storms