You Never Know What GOD Is Up To, For You

Just GO………… what GOD has for you, might “surprise” you.

You might start out on a journey to do one thing… but you never know what GOD might be setting you up for in the middle of the journey. Ask PAUL.

GOD might tell you to get up and go. And even when you start, you might not have any idea where GOD is taking you. Go anyway. The ending might surprise you. Ask ABRAHAM.

GOD might anoint you to do something. You might get the anointing today, and GOD might require you to go back and finish what you were doing, while HE makes room for what HE anointed you to do. It does not mean GOD wants you to make a move right away. Wait your turn. Don’t rush things. Ask DAVID.

Your life might seem irrelevant. You might feel like a runaway. A loser. Then suddenly one day, out of nowhere, GOD might pick you out to do something big. You might be positioned to be a great leader… and don’t even know it. Let GOD guide you. Ask MOSES.

GOD might have given you the plans to do something. But HE might want you to build it little by little, and day by day…. And you might not know how relevant it will be for saving your life, the lives of your family members, and all of those around you. Be obedient. Ask NOAH.

Your haters might try to squeal on you… call you out… sell you out… or even bury you. You might end up in the hands of your enemy. But once they get to know you for themselves, you might become their leader. You might also become the provider for those who sold you out. Ask JOSEPH.

Need I say more? I think you get the point. Just trust GOD. You might not have the desired physique. You might not have perfect skin. You might not have the proper training. You might not have the best resume. Still, GOD can edit it and make it the best resume ever. Put it in GOD’s hands. Start out on the journey…. and GOD will finish with you. Ask ME.

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