How to Find Peace

You might never have peace until you pursue GOD and your dreams. They live inside you. Feed them and live happily. Pursue your dreams with GOD in mind.

Most times, people are haunted by what they feel is the ideal life. We have within us the possibility of greatness and the ability to create, because we are GOD’s children. What haunts us most, though, is the fact that we realize that the ideal life is built in our DNA, but the faith and the action it will take to attain it is what stretches us, sometimes to the point of tears – and it sometimes causes us to want to give up.

Yet, “we feel the thing we ought to be, beating beneath the thing we are, and every time we see someone who has attained our ideal life a little more fully than we have, it awakens our languid blood and fills us with new longings.” At that point, what lives deep within us will not allow us to give up, so we push forth in hopes of reaching our fullest potential.

Your future is real; therefore, your plans for it should be too. Don’t leave anything to chance. Pray. Plan. Pursue, by faith. GOD is rooting for you. You will make it. Even if people think you are “crazy” for the way you pursue, still be the kind of “crazy” that pleases GOD.

BEST WISHES to you today! As you pursue your dreams. May GOD bless you to LIVE LONG… and PROSPER. Don’t lose hope. HAVE FAITH… and never stop believing.

FOCUS! “Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.” ~ (Colossians 3:2). It’s okay to follow hard after your dreams but follow harder after GOD. You can do far more with GOD, than you can without HIM. GOD is eternal, but earthly things are temporary.

1. Time 2. Money 3. Fame, and 4. Great possessions… they are all temporary. However, 1. Life 2. Peace 3. Love, and 4. Time… they never end when you live a GOD-centered life.

Keep your mind on GOD and enjoy every ‘TICK’ of the clock. GOD is not only ‘INCREDIBLE’… HE is also, ‘CREDIBLE’. You can take HIM at His Word. Enjoy Your Life! I’m Wishing You the Best life has to offer.

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