The Power of Whispered Prayers

Never underestimate the power of a whisper. Whispering is powerful, especially if you learn to use it as a tool to pray. What a whisper can do for your prayer is not limited in anyway, as long as your faith does not limit GOD. A whisper is a prayer too. GOD measures the substance of the heart far more than the volume of the voice.

GOD knows everything about us, and HE knows all the things that are happening inside us – both good and bad. GOD’s word in Hebrews 4:12 says, HE “Judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.” HE knows our voice. In fact, a whisper to GOD, can reach heaven with the same effect as a loud voice. No matter what the occasion, or what hour of the day it is, you can get a breakthrough from GOD if you:

• Whisper as you walk
• Whisper as you work
• Whisper as you ponder your thoughts
• Whisper as you drive
• Whisper as you wonder

GOD will hear you, loud and clear.

GOD whispers too. He speaks through each of His children all throughout the day with a still small voice. He directs us, and He encourages us as we navigate through life. He wants us to be aware of His presence. He wants us to know He is there to help us through the turmoil and celebrate His goodness whenever He delivers a blessing to us to give the necessary reassurance to keep going. He does not mind, then, if we reciprocate with a whisper to Him, to let Him know we are aware of His presence.

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