Be Inspired to Be Happy

Do not sleep on your dreams. LIVE. BREATH. DREAM. PLAN… and BE INSPIRED to BE HAPPY! Surround yourself with people who believe in you. Do everything in your power to be a better you. Your time is valuable. It is therefore important that you do not allow negative things to distract you. ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! But in order to make your dreams come true, there are some things you have to do to make it possible:

• You first have to dream
• You have to plan the execution of your dream
• You have to develop the strength to go after your dream
• You will have failures, but you have to keep trying
• You can’t let failure be your final option
• You have to believe you will succeed, beyond all doubt
• You have to trust GOD to direct the path of your dream

Don’t worry about not knowing how to achieve your dream, that will come to you in time. You will figure it out. You will overcome obstacles and setbacks. You will succeed. Just don’t give up.

If the dreams you have dreamed in the past are not giving you the life you want, keep dreaming and keep building. You have the material. You have the tools. Use your faith in GOD as the blueprint to build a better life. Don’t settle for less than the best GOD has promised you. If GOD wants more for you, then you should want more for you too; therefore, do not trade the ‘ultimate’ for the ‘immediate’.

Keep your head up. Never allow anything to block your view of where GOD is taking you. Fight through the tears, even if you must cry while you are moving forward. It’s still progress. Go through the hard times and trials. You will make it through each problem, and you will be able to climb over every obstacle. You will be better because of everything you have had to overcome, and everything you will overcome in the future.

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