We Are Better Together…

The longer I live… the more I understand that nothing’s infallible, nor does anything last forever – except GOD’s Word. And there’s something GOD has taught me… and I’d like to share it with you. That is, all of the people we come across… or meet along the way in this life:

• Family, friends, classmates and teachers.

• Church members, GOD-seekers and unbelievers.

• Gossipers, enemies and backstabbers.

• The helpless, lonely and the Hopeless…, etc.

They all play a special role in our lives. You may wonder how. Well, everyone has a certain purpose to fulfill. Each person we come into contact with on our journey to Heaven… was put here to love us, or to test our love – and patience. But if perhaps they should come against us… it’s not for us to talk negative about them, stop loving them, or to hate them altogether. No, no! GOD created them… even if they do hate Him – and us. And He preserves their lives with hope that someday, they will use the breath He’s given them, to cry out and declare their love for Him, in return.

GOD allows people to come across our paths… in different situations, for us to learn to love them – however hard it might be – so they can see His love in action through us… as we live and “Do What Jesus Would Do.” And before all is said and done… we will have to find a way to LOVE ALL OUR FELLOW MEN and WOMEN – in spite of their differences… and regardless of what we don’t agree with.

Many times, Real Love is demonstrated best… when there is opposition. So, to Love others, we don’t have to do what they do… we have to do what we were made to do (LOVE), so people can better understand and get to know the GOD we’ve come to know. Because there’s no hatred in Heaven.

GOD did His part – (John 3:16)… Now it’s our turn. And the bottom line is… THAT’s What Life Is All About Anyway – Reaching Heaven!


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