When You Make the Decision to Change… You Can’t Look Back

Fear of failure and change and discomfort and uncertainty are real … but they’re not good enough reasons for inaction. They can all be overcome. I’ve dealt with them, and so have thousands, millions of others. You’re no worse than me or anyone else — you can face these fears.


The key is… you have to follow GOD. When you make the decision to change… you can’t look back. You have to listen closely to HIS voice, and then follow what HE’s saying to you. From that point, you have to follow the DREAM HE has put inside you.

STEP OUT ON FAITH! GOD is telling you to… GO! I will be with you….

  • Take what you have
  • Take what you’ve learned
  • Take what you know…

Sometimes the answer to your prayers… is not a tangible place or thing… but a ‘Process’ GOD wants to take you through.

The situation you’re in, and where GOD wants you to go might be on two opposite ends of the spectrum. And, what GOD is saying to you might seem extremely ridiculous… because you can’t see how it could possibly work. Still… GO!

GOD wants you to trust HIM. No excuses accepted. No matter how far-fetched or ridiculous it might seem to you, GOD wants to amaze you with what HE can do.

“NEVERTHELESS, NOT MY WILL…. BUT THINE BE DONE!” If GOD is asking you to move… it’s because HE wants to go somewhere, and HE loves you enough to want you to go with HIM!


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