Learn To Enjoy Life For What It Is…

We always want things to be different. We don’t know why… we just do. So, we strive to improve things – even ourselves – when we are unsatisfied with how things are. But then what? Most times, we are still unsatisfied, because the underlying cause of our problems isn’t the things around us, but it’s our expectation of things.

Equilibrist businessman

Learn to enjoy life for what it is. Every now and then… take a moment, sit down… and reflect on your life.

Think about the things around you. Are you happy with them, or would you like things to change? Be honest with yourself.

Think about what you do each day. Ask yourself if you’re happy with your daily life, or if you’d like change that too.

Think about the people in your life. Ask yourself if you’re happy with them, or if you’d like them to change.

Think about yourself. Ask yourself if there are things you’re dissatisfied with, if you’d like to change yourself.

Now, for each thing you think needs change, try sitting for a minute and see if you can simply accept each one, as they are right now. See if you can accept each person in your life for who they are, exactly as they are. See if you can accept yourself for who you are, without the need for change. It takes practice, so if you aren’t good at it at first, practice. It’s an enlightening process, to be sure.

This doesn’t mean you’ll never change anything. What it does mean, though, is that you can develop your skills and improve some things, but you can do that while also being happy with who you already are.

Change is inevitable, but it doesn’t necessarily require that you not accept things as they are, or that you not be happy with things as they already are.

Once you are OK with things as they are, you can simply strip away the unnecessary, and be content with little.


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