Dare to Be Different. That’s The Best Part of Life…

It’s okay to be unique. GOD did not create you to be a copycat, or to be a carbon copy of someone else. You will find that with a little creativity, and a lot of faith, any difference can be turned into something amazing. Your difference is your power.

fish escape cocept

The normal way of doing things is often not the only way, nor the best way.

Ever been stuck in a rut of doing things a certain way, because that’s the way everyone else does things, or because that’s how it’s always been done? Because it’s safe.

What if you could shake things up … just by being who you are? Without having to do anything but tell someone who or what you are? It turns out, that’s often been the case in my life. I will just mildly tell people who or what I am, and they start getting defensive, even if I haven’t actually attacked anything they do.

Have the freedom to run your own life, and take your power back by being self-reliant. Allow necessary things to be a part of you, but never allow things to define you. Allow your life to challenge the norm of what’s always expected. Always keep the mental note that… you don’t have to do anything just because that’s what everyone else is doing.

Bring up questions and discussions that otherwise might not occur. Know that those are necessary questions and discussions… which will help you lead a happier, more fulfilled life.

When you do make changes, the people closest to you might assume you are judging their lifestyle, simply because you have decided to do things differently. Although they probably feel they are looking at your situation objectively, it’s actually subjective. Still, you are free to make your own choices.

Do what you know is best for you. Do what pleases GOD… and not other people. The way you live your life is all about you. It’s not that you are trying to judge what others do, but rather, just trying to live your life consciously, and conscientiously. You might fail, sometimes, but the attempt is everything. Therefore, know what’s important to you, and then do what’s important – in order for you to be happy.


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