Fear Is Harmless… Unless You Give It the Energy to Harm You

Even when you do… fear doesn’t sleep. It’s all around you. It’s never satisfied unless it has your attention. Whenever fear can’t get your attention while you are awake, it will do its best to insert itself into your midnight thoughts – even your dreams – if you allow it.

Fearful boy (550x331)

Fear affects our lives in unseen ways, causing worry, hesitation, confusion, anxiety and avoidance. It can bring you to your knees… even cripple your lifestyle and your peace – if you allow it.

Truth is… fears control us in ways we never realize, unacknowledged and more powerful because of their unknown workings.

Fear can stop your dreams.

Fear can stop you from taking risks.

Fear can stop you from pursuing love.

Fear can stop you from seeking adventure.

Fear can stop you from speaking in public.

Fear can stop you from starting a new venture, etc….

It can cause you discomfort. It can cause you to procrastinate, overeat, and be distracted with worry.

And yet, fear is just a cloud… without water. It’s harmless, unless you give it the energy to harm you. If you give in to fear, you can easily get caught in its rain shower… and it will make you feel like the entire world is going to end at any moment.

But the cloud will pass. The cloud floats away, like anything else. It’s nothing to run from. It’s just a passing cloud.

Watch the cloud of fear arise, acknowledge it, and watch it float away, like any other thought. Enjoy life. Step into the sunshine of the present moment. If you can allow yourself to hold on, and not fall apart when the clouds appear… you will see that life is still beautiful and joyous.

You’re okay. You’re going to be okay. No matter what challenge you are faced with. Even when fear arises, you are okay. Learn to walk by faith… and be reminded of GOD’s promises, in your times of struggle. See yourself getting beyond the bad moments. See the fear pass, and see that you are still okay.



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