Enjoy the Christmas Season. Give… Love… Share.

Christmas is about JESUS. Christmas is about love. Christmas is about giving… not so much things, as it is giving of ourselves. Christmas is a time of sharing.

happy-kids-playing-in-a-pile-of-autumn-leaves-730x400 (550x301)

We don’t need to buy things to make our lives beautiful or joyous. We don’t need more glamorous items in our lives to find happiness and contentment. We can find these wonderful qualities in what’s already in front of us… when we learn to see GOD in everything.

Most moments, people forget this. In the best of moments, people remember this, and then… their hearts expand with love for life, everyone… and everything around them.

In my mind, little intangible things, are perfect things. Things like…..

A quiet morning.

A walk outdoors.


A hug.

Creating something.

This current moment.

A connection with someone else.


Learning something new.

People laughing around you.

Imagining future possibilities.

Knowing that you love yourself.

All of these things are perfect, and are proof that we don’t need to buy anything to be happy, cool, excited, content. We just need to look within ourselves. Reach deep down within ourselves. Pour out what’s deep down within us. Share who we are with others… because each of our lives is useful, in a meaningful way, to GOD, and to other people. We just need to be open to allowing ourselves to experience all the beautiful gives us for free.

Enjoy the Christmas season. If you’re going to spend anything… spend time do what’s useful. If you’re going to give… be sure to give the gift of love. Don’t do anything just because it’s the right thing to do. Do what you do because it’s in your heart to do it.


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