You Have Your Own Unique Beauty….

Beauty is not in the face. Beauty is a light in the heart. Beauty is power, and a smile, is it’s sword.”

istock_000006244050small4 (550x474)

YOU are a beautifully created being. So don’t try to live your life through someone else’s eyes. Yours are just fine. Realize you have your own unique beauty. And realize, you can’t please everyone… all the time. Use your own sight… coupled with your spiritual vision, to see your way through life.

People will try to change you… and before long you will find that you’re just a puppet, and a people-pleaser. But please don’t let other people change you… or cloud your vision of who you are. Because even in your most vulnerable moment… or at your weakest point, you’re still better at being YOU than anyone else can ever be. So know when to accept advice… and when to use your own judgment. Keep this in mind:

1. GOD created you… and saw that it was good
2. GOD Created you the way He wanted you to be
3. No one else can live your struggle… or know it better than you
4. Some people can give you advice… but can’t accept their own
5. GOD is judging you by your life… not someone else’s
6. “If you don’t stand for something… you’ll fall for anything”
7. You are unique… so be unique

YOU have one life… and that’s it. Once it’s gone… you can never have it back. There’s no replay. Don’t waste the opportunity to be special and unique… being a carbon copy.


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