Life Really is What You Make it…

A man that has friends must show himself friendly…” ~ Proverbs 18:24

Climber creates his own life adventure.

How’s your social life? Are you optimistic and open to meeting new people? Or, are you happy living inside your own little box… in your own world where you’re comfortable?

Sometimes, to enjoy your life… you have to “Change Your Point of View.” You have to change your whole perspective of things and allow space for others to enter into your world…in order to have a well-rounded social life.

Two men look out through the same bars: One sees the mud, and one sees the stars.”

People see things through their own eyes… and therefore, their interpretation of the world as they know it…will always be much different from how you see things. But, in the social world, it’s good to be able to get another person’s point of view. And when we’re patient enough, we can learn something from the oldest or poorest man or woman on earth… down to the smallest, most naïve child.

I read a book a short time ago, and there was a passage that read… “If you want to win people over to your dreams [to who you are as a person], you need to speak in the same language of their interests, not your own.” You have to “Show them your heart. Just because people want to know what’s in it for them when you share your dreams” [or when you share who you are as a person], that doesn’t mean they lack interest in what it means to you. People buy into the dreamer before they buy into the dream.”

So Why Nurture An Optimist’s Point Of View? And Why Now?

Having a good social life – being able to connect with people on various levels – brings happiness, cheerfulness and optimism. And, optimism has been linked to positive mood and good morale; to academic, athletic, military, occupational and political success; to popularity; to good health and even to long life and freedom from distress.

Optimists Expect the Best

The defining characteristic of pessimists is that they tend to believe bad events, which will last a long time and undermine everything they do, are their own fault. And, in return … they avoid having broad social and business contacts. The truth is optimists are confronted with the same hard knocks of this world. What differs is the way they explain their misfortune—it’s the opposite way. They tend to believe defeat is just a temporary setback, that its causes are confined to this one case.

People Respond Positively To Optimists

Optimists are proactive and less dependent on others for their happiness. They find no need to control or manipulate people. They usually draw people towards them. Their optimistic view of the world can be contagious and influence those they are with.

When The Going Gets Tough, Optimists Get Tougher

Optimists typically maintain higher levels of subjective well-being during times of stress than do people who are less optimistic. In contrast, pessimists are likely to react to stressful events by denying that they exist or by avoiding dealing with problems. Pessimists are more likely to quit trying when difficulties arise.

So why not be an optimist today? Why not broaden your scope of life…interact with people – share YOU with the world… and think positively towards a more fulfilled life? After all… life really is what you make it.


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