Life Is Good… If You Believe It Is

LIFE! If you think it’s great… it will be. If you think it’s beautiful… it will be. If you think it’s important… it will be. If you think it’s worth it… it will be. Life is whatever you want it to be. Your thoughts are important… and whatever you think life is, then, that’s exactly what it will be. Perception is everything!

Hurray we did it!

The “biggest” battle of life takes place right inside your mind! That’s no surprise to you, I’m sure. The environment we create within our mind is who we become in life. Our daily thoughts form habits, and our habits create a pattern of actions that make us who we are. Each day, our thoughts lead us to seek fulfillment of some kind to bring us peace.

Throughout life, we search for something or someone to belong to. But, what really fulfills us is GOD. Only He can satisfy our hunger for fulfillment, meaning and purpose. And, He knows just how to lead us to a happy and joyful way of life.

Sometimes what GOD leads us to do, however, does not always make logical sense to our mind; especially:

  • If it is something out of the ordinary
  • If it is something seemingly unpleasant
  • If it requires personal sacrifice
  • If it might cause us some minor discomforts…

… Yet, it’s best to give it a try, and follow where GOD leads. If we refuse to follow GOD or reject His leading, it will not take away the hunger, or the longing to be a part of something great. The hunger will only grow stronger. Our attention will only be directed to something else.

To have EVERYTHING and not have Jesus is to have nothing; because in the end all will be lost. To have NOTHING and have JESUS is to have everything. He is GOD, and GOD is…. EVERYTHING! Therefore, to have Him… is to have all. Life. Happiness. Love. Peace. Joy.



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