Nothing That Has Happened To You Is A Surprise To GOD

Nothing at all can surprise GOD. GOD is omniscient. And, GOD will give you what you need, and He will get you to where you’re supposed to be… no matter what you go through. GOD knows exactly what to do, how to do it, and exactly when to move.

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But now…. IT’S YOUR MOVE! Turn your back on your fears. Turn your face to GOD. And, open your eyes to FAITH. GOD has given you dreams to fulfill. You have work to do. But, you can’t live your dreams if think you’re going to fail, even before you ever try.

With GOD, you can do anything. When you believe it, it will make all things possible. But you have to have FAITH. GOD requires it. Your dreams require it.

Faith will help you keep your EYES OPEN.

Faith will help you keep your FEET MOVING.

Faith will help you keep your HANDS WORKING.

Faith will help you keep your MIND THINKING.

Faith will help you keep your DREAMS GROWING.

GOD has a devised plan for your life. It’s called PURPOSE. It might be that HE gave you the vision for it in your dreams – while you were asleep. However, HIS intention is not for you to continue to sleep. So, don’t sleep on your dreams.

Never allow your fears to cradle you… and rock you to sleep. Don’t be scared! The dream is free… but the hustle is up to you. So don’t miss what GOD has for you. Wake up before it’s too late!

Get moving! You can’t fulfill your dreams if you’re sleeping… and you can’t sleep if you are striving to fulfill your dreams.

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