PRAY First… and Then Make Your Move.

P.U.S.H.! PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS. Prayer is a powerful weapon that will cause things to change, if you go about it with faith.


You can make it this time. GO back and try again! Don’t give up. Don’t throw in the towel just yet. FIGHT for what you want… but this time, do it with FAITH. It can happen.

How many times are you and I guilty of “praying on the fly” – asking GOD what to do while we’re in the process of doing it? It’s awfully hard to hear GOD’s voice when we’re in a rush of activity, especially incorrect activity. Even worse, most of us act first and pray later – when we’ve really gotten ourselves into a jam. Then we start shouting “rescue me,” never acknowledging that a little patience and seeking God’s will would have prevented us from getting into the mess in the first place!

So pray. STOP doubting… and START believing. Let your faith work for you, even after you’ve prayed. PRAY… then BELIEVE GOD. GOD will fight for you.

  • Before you try to handle it… Pray about it.
  • Before you cry over it… Pray about it.
  • Before you worry over it… PRAY about it.
  • Before you doubt it… Pray about it.
  • In order to get over it…. Pray about it.
  • If you want GOD to change it… Pray about it.

Whatever your strategy is to bring about change in your life… be sure to PRAY, and have FAITH.

When everything about your life seems to be drowning in hopeless despair… have enough faith to keep your head above water. GOD sits high, and looks low. But as HE looks down from on high… GOD won’t rescue you… and HE won’t fight for you, if HE does not see your faith.

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