Open The Eyes Of My Heart: How To Get Closer To GOD

What do “The eyes of your heart” see? What grabs keeps your attention? As you awake each morning, and the noise of the world begins to speak to you… what draws you? Is it the quest for more of what society has to offer… or do you set aside intentional time to get to know Jesus better.


There is reward in having a relationship with GOD – both naturally, and spiritually. Some might wonder, though, “How do I get closer to GOD?” Well, it takes self-will and self-determination to present everything about you, to GOD, in order for Him to take it and make you better.

To know GOD…

1. Means hearing about Him first,

2. Then actually appealing to Him,

3. Accepting His word as personal to your own life,

4. Putting Him to the test by faith,

5. Trusting His death to square up one’s sin score,

6. Trusting His power to guide your will.

7. It means living your whole life according to His ideals.

In the Bible, Paul speaks of “The eyes of the heart.” It simply means, “Living by faith.” It is with these eyes – “The eyes of the heart” – that we see GOD, and receive His answer for our life in return. It is a daily journey.

We become like those with whom we associate. Our ideals mold us. To be like Jesus, requires change. Take for example, an old painting that is found covered with dust after decades of storage. Time has faded out much of the splendor, fine coloring and clearly marked outlines. However, with great patience and skill, it can be worked over. And after careful restorative detail… the original beauty will come into view again. It is the same way GOD desires to affect our lives.

Come unto ME, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”  ~ Matthew 11:28

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