GOD Is Able….

Let GOD be GOD of your life. Pray. Have faith. Give Him space. Allow Him to work.

140528-faith-definition_Devonyu-Thinkstock (550x367)

GOD can change things. He has the plan. He has the power. And, He has the ability to change anything, to make it better.

If you want to see life change for you… and if you want better results from your prayers, trust GOD more. Try this today: Write down, or mentally divide everything that’s going on in your life into 2 compartments.

Compartment 1 – Things you can effectively change

Compartment 2 – Things only GOD can change

The things you can effectively change… Take Action and put the wheels in motion to do just that – CHANGE THEM. However, things only GOD can change… namely:

1. Changing another person’s heart to fill it with love

2. Victory over trials

3. Overcoming Fears

4. Mending bad relationships

5. Filling an empty void

6. Better… or an increase in finances

7. Making you a better YOU

Allow Him to be GOD. GOD said, “I AM GOD”… there’s nothing at all, that’s too hard. But you have to do more than just pray. It takes faith too.

When you get up from prayer… you have to walk by Faith. The two go together. Prayer without Faith is void… and it’s like having a conversation with yourself… because, GOD will not move, no matter how long you’ve prayed… or how many times – if you don’t have Faith. Yet GOD is willing and ready to move right now… all you have to do is DECIDE to have Faith. It’s your choice… and, it’s now YOUR MOVE.

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