Highly Recommended: 7 Steps to Success

Take all excuses off the table. Make today a positive day. Don’t allow anything negative to control you, persuade you… or hold you back from achieving greatness. If you sincerely desire happiness, success and a better future, go after it.  


If you success is what you want, then success is what you have to go after. Yet, you have to be strong and determined as you attempt to obtain the things that you truly believe in, even if you’re not fully sure of what the outcome might be.

Regardless of how things turn out, your true strength lies in the fact that you took action. If you feel reluctant to move forward at times, remember the possibilities of a negative outcome will only make you stronger on your next effort – the next time around.

Never sell yourself short on your dreams. Go after them. Take the proper steps necessary to achieve them. As you begin your journey towards success, apply these “Seven Steps to Success” suggested by John C. Maxwell:

1. “Make a commitment to grow daily.

2. Value the process more than events.

3. Don’t wait for inspiration.

4. Be willing to sacrifice pleasure for opportunity.

5. Dream big.

6. Plan your priorities.

7. Give up to go up.”

The most coveted things are not easily attained. Still, you have to be willing to try until you reach your goals. So, go beyond what may seem like your limits and your success will exceed your expectations.

Success is possible for anybody who desires it! It’s possible for you. But, success takes work. Success takes GOD. Success takes faith. Because nothing you do will turn out any greater than the faith you put forth.

Therefore, even when you have those days when think to yourself, “I’m not feeling it today”… you still have to find a way to push forward. Because when you are able to do positive things on negative days, it can make all the difference in life. And, it can help you advance quicker than almost anything else in life can.

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