GOD, Are YOU There?

So much about life can be hard to comprehend. Sometimes you struggle to find answers, and even lose sleep praying… but still it seems like GOD is so far away.

istock_000004625291medium (550x366)

If you’re like me… you’ve prayed a prayer similar to this:

“GOD I know YOU see my struggle. I know that in the big picture of the world, my problems are small problems – but that doesn’t make my pain any less – and it doesn’t stop the hurt from echoing deep inside me. YOU said, “Never will I leave nor forsake you”… but GOD really, YOU seem so far away.

I’ve believed YOU for everyone else, and I’ve seen how YOU answer their prayers, but what about me? I do my best to follow the rules… yet still nothing happens. Do you see me?

There are times when I clearly see you at work in my life. I’ve seen you open doors I never knew existed… and plant dreams I didn’t know I had. But “something” scares me about this situation… and I need you now, more than ever before.”

… BUT HEAR GOD. HE says, “BE STILL, AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD! Every battle in your life belongs to ME.” 

Actually, GOD fixed the events of your life in order to draw you closer to HIM… so you can depend on HIM. HE uses your struggle to help you overcome the enemy. It takes time… and even when it seems like it’s taking “forever”, still, GOD desires for you to wait on HIM.

GOD uses every struggle you go through, to give you VICTORY. In the battle between HIM vs. the enemy… GOD uses the outcome of your struggles to prove to the enemy that you will still serve HIM.

So, in spite of your struggles… and in spite of the enemy’s attempts to discredit GOD. Don’t prove GOD wrong, and let the enemy be right. GO through the struggle… and let GOD get the glory. There’s victory on the other side.  

You never have to feel unsure about whether GOD is near you, because, for sure, HE never leaves you. Therefore, in those moments when everything seems hopeless… that’s the time to put your faith to the test and rely on GOD. HE’s there… and HE cares. 

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