It’s Impossible to Please GOD Without Faith

“There isn’t enough room in your mind for both worry and faith. You must decide which will live there.”


You have victory! You have to know it… and you have to believe it. On the days when you feel like you are facing the impossible, actually, you’re not.  GOD puts you in, what seems like impossible situations, in order to help you see that “all things are possible” when you trust Him. It’s your chance to see GOD’s character… and a chance for GOD to reveal the awesomeness of His glory.

If you think you’re down to nothing – all is not lost – YOU STILL HAVE GOD. So there is no need to hang around the committee meetings with the enemy and his sales agents… listening to the lies their trying to sell to you. Instead, hang out with, and hang on to GOD. Excuse yourself from the pity parties the enemy throws for you. Walk away in victory. Walk with GOD.

You’re not defeated! It doesn’t matter how big your problems might seem to you. It’s not over. Even the situation that seems as though it’s going to take your breath away each time you think about it… it can’t hurt you unless you give in to it. Remember though, that GOD’s blood has covered you.

It’s a waste of your time to worry… and it’s a waste of the investment GOD has placed in you. Be Free! You have victory:

Over the destructive power of the enemy

Over the evils of fear

Over the perils of defeat

Over what the enemy is trying to hold over your head

Over the thoughts of doubt in your mind

However, you must choose for yourself… what to do. You can either walk in victory, or walk away in defeat. You can walk by faith, or walk away in fear.

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