That Thing Called LOVE: The DOs and The DON’Ts

Don’t look for someone who will solve all your problems… Look for someone who won’t let you face them alone. ~ Unknown

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YOU ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE TO LOVE! Use It Wisely. If you want anything good out of life… be willing to work long and hard for it. MARRIAGE is no exception. Therefore, if you are seeking love and “bliss”… work toward it, and let it meet you where you are.

Be mature about what you are looking for in a person. When it comes to finding the person you were meant to be with, get up and do your homework. Find out as much as you can… while you can, and while you have options. Be “choosy”… but be wise.

It doesn’t require you dating a different person each week… or giving each candidate a list of multiple choice questions, to see which person comes up with the perfect score to fit all the options you are looking for. That doesn’t work. What does work, though, is if YOU understand that the person you are searching for will still be a little rough around the edges in some areas… and if you are willing to allow them to grow along with you as you smooth out your own “rough edges”… you can make something beautiful and lasting out of your relationship.

When you find the person of your dreams, so to speak, if both of you are willing to:

…Be Patient with each other

…Accept each others flaws

…Be Thoughtful enough to care about the others well-being


…Make future plans together

…Accept blame…even if you’re right

…Let go of self-pride, for the sake of making love work

…Dream together

…Forget about “Separate, but equal”, and work together

…Grow old together

… “FORSAKING ALL OTHERS”… You can have something beautiful, wonderful and filled with happiness… that’s lasting and can withstand the tests of trials and tribulations.


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