BE YOU – 101: Don’t Plagiarize Your Life Story

When people try to read into who you are, or sum you up based on their own assumptions… most times they will misread your story. What that really means is, they cannot understand the language your story is written in. Still, BE YOU! Keep writing your story. Craft it in your own special way. Don’t plagiarize your life story… just to be a copy-cat of someone else’s life.

bad-day-istock-600 (550x413)

Stand up straight! Look life in the eye. Get your confidence back. This is your life.

If you change… and start acting like who or what people have assumed you are… you will misquote your own life story with pretense and fallacies. Don’t do that! And, don’t allow anything to stop your journey! Never give in to the pressure of what other people think. “Don’t sweat “The small stuff.”

1. People are going to hate you… but don’t let it change you.

2. People are going to be jealous of you… but that’s their problem.

3. People are going to talk about you… treat them well anyway.

4. People are going to lie on you… but don’t return the favor.

5. People are going to try to turn others against you… but that’s life.

6. People are going to cheat you… and think you don’t realize it.

7. People are going to say they love you… but their actions will show differently.

… Yet, all GOD requires from you… when people treat you all kinds of ways – is that you show LOVE. Yes, it will be hard to do sometimes; however, it’s all a part of your journey.

Therefore, Be YOU! No matter what happens to you… or what other people try to do to break you or cause your downfall, continue to be the true you. After all, your life’s story and your journey just might be the only BIBLE they ever get to read. Make it a good story… it could very well change their life for better. And………..GOD might just be working through you, to help them see HIM – and understand what true love is.

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