Don’t Be Afraid To Try. LIVE! No Holding Back.

You will never know the great things that could possibly happen to you and for you… until you put your faith in GOD – and His ability to answer your prayers. Turn your fear into energy… and let it take you forward rather than hold you back.

istock_000005754119small (550x345)

Don’t Hold Back. LIVE! Be Optimistic about your life… and your future. Don’t let anything stop you from being happy. Just TRY… and don’t worry about what might not might not happen. PRAY and Trust GOD.

TOMORROW… there are no promises of it. So, are you prepared to wait for it to come before you start trying to find out what makes you happy… or to achieve your dreams? I don’t think so! Therefore, go ahead right now… start putting the plans in place to:

  • Dream Bigger
  • Love harder
  • Trust GOD totally
  • Enjoy the little things in life
  • Be a better You          
  • Be a better friend, parent, spouse, co-worker, etc…
  • BE HAPPY… in spite of

Virtually, close your natural eyes… and open your spiritual eyes for a moment. Take the focus off of people and what they think… and put your eyes and your mind on GOD.

Purposely see that your life is in GOD’s hands. And, the power to change your future… lies with You and with GOD. GOD has the power… but your Faith has to activate GOD’s power. So be Optimistic… be active by faith, and your life will begin to go in the direction of your dreams – one moment at a time.

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