You Have Every Reason To Smile

When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.” ~ Author: Unknown

woman-smiling (550x367)

Enjoy your day! Smile… to show the world that you are happy with life, and that you are happy being you. If you have been feeling down lately, cheer yourself up with a smile. Remind yourself that you are a child of GOD. And because you are royalty – a child of the KING – you can be reassured that GOD will always take care of His own.

So, enjoy your day. Celebrate life. When you know how much GOD cares for you… you have every reason to smile. EVERYTHING you need will come to you in GOD’s time. Therefore, “Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and HE shall strengthen thine heart…” ~ Psalm 27:14.

Trust GOD’s ability. Patience is power! It defines you… and it proves how much faith you have in GOD.

TODAY, whatever you want… don’t chase it or run after it. There’s no need to do so. If GOD intends for you to have something… it’s already destined that HE will give it to you. No worries. In all things… BE PATIENT!

Be patient with GOD                              

Be patient with yourself

Be patient with other people

Be patient with life

Be patient with your situation

Remember that, 1. PATIENCE leads to faith. 2. FAITH leads to GOD. 3. GOD leads to RESULTS. And… 4. GOD’s RESULTS lead to HAPPINESS. It might take months… weeks… or even days, but whatever is meant for you, GOD will make a way for it to find its way to you. All HE requires you to do is trust HIS process.

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