GOD Will Make “All Things Work Together For Good”

The end result for a believer who loves GOD and trusts Him, is always good – even when it doesn’t seem like it. The bad things that come into your life to do you harm… will turn out to be stepping-stones to a higher level of living and blessings… instead of obstacles. Still, that is dependent on each individual believer keeping their trust in the Lord, loving Him, and allowing Him to work things out.

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Day by day, I find that there is great encouragement in reading the Inspired Word of GOD. But if only we would be more bold in our faith… we could see GOD move in miraculous ways – and have so much more to smile about.

GOD works all the time, even when we don’t realize it, to make things turn out good for us who belong to Him. But that does not mean everything that comes along in life is good for us. No! We should refuse many things. Equally, there are things we should resist as well.

In the Bible – the Book of Romans – Paul articulates the conditions required for the good to take place in our lives: “And we know that all things work together for good for those who love GOD, who are called according to His purpose.” ~ Romans 8:28. Here, Paul is not giving this promise to all people, but only to those “Who love GOD, who are called according to His purpose.”

You can be sure that GOD is not going to find fault with you, because you “Messed up.” Contrary to what you may think, when you ask Him for wisdom, He’s going to give it to you. He’s not going to say, “I told you what to do yesterday and you didn’t listen to me, so why should I help you now?” However, He might let you go through some pain, because He will use the pain you go through to give you the wisdom to get you through your pain, and eventually overcome it.

Therefore, you have to have a mindset of faith in GOD at all times. That’s what helps you to make a connection with Him… and that’s how GOD brings you out of trouble. Find the time to:


Pray continually

Give GOD thanks in all circumstance

Stay in GOD’s will

Doing these things will help keep the attention off your problems, and on GOD’s purpose, power, and promises for your life.

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