Lessons about Life and Success: What You Should Know

When you fail, life is not over! No matter how many times you have failed in the past… it’s time to get up and try again. Take a deep breath. Exhale. “Let the journey begin!” Today is your new beginning… You have access to unlimited possibilities. So put your hands on the wheel… and Drive! Your future success awaits you.

adversity (550x363)

The road to reach your DREAMS is not a red-carpet event. So don’t expect life to celebrate you. The road is mostly a rough one that leads to a lot of ‘One way’ streets. But don’t let it scare you… and don’t turn around – keep going.

When you gain momentum… and reach the freeway of success, if all seems like smooth sailing, don’t get too comfortable. There are quite a few toll booths. You’ll have to pay the price. Still, don’t spend time arguing at the toll booth that the price is too high, because everyone has to pay the price to travel on the highway to success. Pay what you owe… and keep driving.

This is your life – don’t lose precious time! You have none to waste! You have an urgent appointment with your destiny… and you shouldn’t be late.

There will be some issues with traffic jams… but keep your cool – if you’re a smart driver, you know how to maneuver, and which lanes to choose to stay with the flow of traffic.

Once you reach your destination… ACT like you belong there. The access you’re given is not a mistake… it comes from GOD. So use it wisely… and remember where He’s brought you from.

The closer you get to success, don’t expect life to hug you, or congratulate you. LIFE does not give out hugs! It will reward you… but it will continue to give you tough love. That’s good medicine, so take it in stride, and it will help you grow into a strong self-sufficient person.

Life won’t try to lead you one way or the other… it lets you decide where you want to go and what you want to do. Therefore, you have to choose your own path. However, if you choose wisely, GOD has it set up so that LIFE will point you in the direction He destined you to go, from the moment you were created.

So…, put all of your hopes, your dreams, your expectations… and everything else about your LIFE, in GOD’s hands. Pray diligently, and allow GOD to direct your paths. If you do that, you will enjoy all the success that GOD and LIFE have to offer.


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