What To Do While You’re Waiting On GOD

WAIT ON GOD! You hear it all the time. But, while you’re waiting… what’s the next move for you? Are you planning to take matters into your own hands, because you feel GOD is taking a little too long? If so, what’s your plan… because life is all about making strategic moves in the difficult and not-so-difficult times? And just like change; knowing what to do while you’re waiting on GOD to make something happen for you, can be a bit intimidating. But, be still… and wait!

iStock_WaitingRoom (550x366)

“Waiting Room” experiences are usually not comfortable. It’s a place of worry and anxiety… where you wonder:

Is everything alright?

What’s going on?

What’s going to happen next?

Is GOD punishing me?

Is this the end?…

… It’s difficult; and time itself, seems to stand still. But GOD has His own time-table for doing things… and He doesn’t make promises that He won’t or can’t fulfill. Still, everybody handles waiting, very differently. In many cases, people have developed an, “I Want It Now!” attitude. So the biggest problem, then, is not really about GOD making us wait… the real issue is more about our impatience, because we don’t like to wait. And when we are asked or told to wait… it takes the wind out of our sail… and all we can think of is, “Why me!” Or, “Why do I always have to wait… I don’t want to wait until later.” But immediate gratification from GOD is not always the best thing for us.

Times have changed, though. In our society, we’ve grown accustomed to getting what we want.  Because of the latest in sophisticated technologies like: Smart phones, computers, electronic tablets, microwaves, automobiles, etc. – people are increasingly becoming impatient. We’re use to convenience and having everything readily available at our fingertips. In most cases, many people are:

In personal situations that are really tough to endure.

Sick, and waiting on GOD for a special healing.

Waiting on a job, promotion or pay raise.

Waiting on Mr. or Ms. Right.

Waiting on GOD to turn a troubled family member’s life around.

… But, you can’t control what’s going on in the “Waiting room.” All you can do is wait. The simple fact is, in spite of our modern age and our dislike for waiting, life is full of waiting. So instead of dwelling on hopes and fears about an unknowable future, focus your attention on whatever is happening right now in your life. Stay close to GOD… enjoy today and everyday… and allow GOD to do what He does best – work things out as He deems necessary.

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