Encouragement For Your Faith Journey

GOD fights for YOU! Actually, GOD fights every battle for those of us who trusts HIM by faith. Therefore, on the Christian journey, you don’t need physical weapons… it’s all spiritual. So it’s necessary to have the required spirituals weapons in order to advance against the enemy.

Walking or running legs in forest, adventure and exercising

Stretch out on faith today. Run your race. Fight the good fight. YOU CAN MAKE IT… and you will make it! Just KEEP YOUR EYES ON GOD. Not your problems. Not your fears. And, not your worries. The battle is not yours… it belongs to GOD. So, seek GOD’s plan for you… and trust it.


PLAN B: refer to Plan A.

“When you’re new to the Christian way of life, it’s easy to quickly lose your footing.” The enemy will use the things you love most to try to tempt you… in his effort to discourage you against living for GOD. Because of that, sometimes it can be easy to be overcome with bouts of fear and confusion. It can cause you to wonder to yourself, whether you can live a successful life as a Christian, or not.

The answer to that question is… YES. You can make it, and you will make it – as long as you keep your eyes on GOD.

Don’t let the distractions of what’s going on around you, discourage what’s inside you. Stay focused. Work on YOU… from the inside out – and GOD will handle the rest. GOD created you, solely, for you to allow HIM to show you how GREAT and MIGHTY HE is… when you trust HIM by faith.

Sharpen your spiritual tools. Make it a priority each day to:

  • Strengthen your FAITH
  • Strengthen your PRAYER LIFE
  • Strengthen your LOVE FOR GOD’s WORD
  • Strengthen your HOPE IN GOD’s PROMISES
  • Strengthen your JOY IN THE LORD

You’re going to WIN! There’s no doubt about it. Be happy! If you’re standing on the promises of GOD… nothing that comes against you, will defeat you. Be Strong! Hold on. Encourage yourself. When you’re faced with problems or trials… don’t give in to fear, give it to GOD.

Someone today is going to stop worrying about everything, and TRUST GOD in all things… Why Not YOU? Make the choice! There’s no better day than today. Stand still… and see the salvation of the LORD.

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