How To Make Your Life Make Sense

It has been said that, “The two most important days of your life is the day you’re born and the day you find out why.” However, I beg to differ.

The most important day in your life . . . is today. Your birth was in the past and you cannot change it. Your death is in the future and you cannot control it. So you’re left with the present. Imagine the possibilities. Imagine what GOD has in store.

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Life is about:

  • Enjoying the destination, but never getting too comfortable.
  • Being LIMITLESS, but never settling for less.
  • Going the distance, in spite of setbacks or trials.
  • Having courage to try, regardless of doubts.
  • Living by faith, despite fears.

Every day is “Just the beginning.” And each day, you have to spend time figuring out… how to make your life make sense, and figuring out “What’s your WHY.”

With that said, what are you planning to do today, tomorrow and beyond? You have choices. You have time, but then again, you don’t have time to waste. Each day is just as important as the last. However, since tomorrow is not promised… time has to be used wisely. Therefore, not knowing what you want, or not having a plan, is just not good enough. So, the “Why” really means, what do you do next?

Gurbaksh Chahal, Internet Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Writer who founded and sold several multi-million companies says:

The biggest sport where you are knocked down, where you are told; you’re not good enough, where doubt, rejection and fear try to take over… is called LIFE.”

He goes on to say, “In this sport, you only have one option: to keep running, to keep chasing that dream, or to stop, and let it consume you. Limits are there for a reason. TO BE BROKEN! They are imaginary. They create boundaries. But when you come from NOTHING, EVERYTHING is LIMITLESS!” Indeed, those are very wise words.

Your “WHY” is really significant. It can help you figure out how to make your life make sense.

Sometimes, finding your WHY… or finding happiness is as simple as altering your perspective about life. Whenever you have enough faith to trust GOD, and make your expectations for life more realistic, it can help you be a part of the flow of life rather than trying to stand… or even swim against it.

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