How Much Is Your Dream Worth To You?

TODAY, be positive about your dreams. Don’t entrust your dreams to just anyone… and don’t let them die. Stay faithful to GOD… and do what it takes to please HIM, so that He will provide you with all of the necessary tools to fulfill your dreams.


“I have a dream.” That’s what you first have to realize. The words have to echo from the innermost parts of your soul. No matter if they are big or small, your dreams have to be launched with a swell of excitement. In the process of striving to achieve them… you have to keep the faith that “all things are possible,” even your dreams. Because it won’t take long to realize every day is not going to be smooth sailing. However, when your mental GPS fails, and you begin to wonder about your dreams… always remember, you can turn to GOD for help and guidance.

YOU… are priceless! Your dreams are priceless too. In fact, GOD calls you… ROYALTY. Therefore, don’t allow anyone to put a $2 value on your PRICELESS dream. People will undervalue you and your worth, if you allow them to do so. Honestly, they should know better than to devalue you, but they do. Still, don’t accept it. Know your own worth. And, do what it takes to prove your worth, whenever necessary.

In GOD’s eyes… Nobody is a nobody. So it doesn’t matter:

  • Who doubts you
  • Who has given up on you
  • Who has threatened your dream
  • Who might be jealous of you
  • Who has tried to get over on you…

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… All that matters is that you remember, “If GOD be for you,” theres absolutely nothing that can come you and defeat you. GOD has all power… and when you trust in Him, you also have power to do anything, by FAITH. Know this, though, that it’s not who you are… it’s who you become.

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