Be Happy, Trust GOD…Enjoy Life

I have in me the indestructible life. I walk in health, victory, prosperity and strength always, because [GOD], the Greater One… lives in me!” ~ Anyaele Sam Chiyson

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Don’t let what you see in your future, scare you. If you want to be happy, keep your eyes on GOD. See everything through the eyes of faith. Then, your whole outlook on life will change.

Got your “Happy shoes” on today? If not, put them on. Stand up straight. Walk along with your head up. Decide that you will be happy… just because you want to be, today. Don’t allow anyone to stop you. If not everything is up to par in your life, don’t worry about it. Pray about it and keep your feet moving. GOD is directing your path.

You’re going places… because GOD is taking you places. Not just any place either… He’s taking you to new heights and deeper depths in your life. So be prepared, because you have “things to do, places to go, and people to see,” as they say.

Never allow anything to stop your prayers. Never allow anything to stop your happiness. And, never allow anything to steal your happiness. When things seem “Picture perfect” in your life… take it with you into your prayer chamber, and THANK GOD FOR IT. If you are having a day that is not so good, GOD wants to hear about that as well – because He can change it. Whatever the case may be – PRESS ON and KEEP PRAYING!

Don’t disturb your peace… or sacrifice it by trying to figure how to get a handle on everything that’s wrong about your life. All you need to know is… the enemy is fighting against you, but GOD is fighting for you. If you stay faithful… you will overcome all of the obstacles that the enemy has placed along your path to cause you to stumble.

Every day, keep claiming GOD’s promises, even when things seem to be falling apart. GOD is listening 24/7… even if you don’t feel like He is. If you have doubted GOD lately… Change your thinking! Have FAITH. Prayer and Faith never work separately. They work together to help you get what you need from GOD.

Remember that, you don’t have to understand everything in order to pray. However, understand that you do have to have Faith for all things when you pray. TRUST GOD! GOD IS NOT DONE YET. So, be honest and tell GOD your deepest concerns. He will help you! He helped me out of a deep and dark place in my life… and I know He will work things out for you as well. STAY FOCUSED on the truth of GOD’s Word.

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