Why You Should Know The Facts, Before You Assume Anything

Before you assume, learn the facts

Before you judge, understand why

Before you hurt someone, feel

Before you speak, think…”

1413160195376 (550x310)

You’ve probably had the experience, where you have assumed something about someone, but later found out something entirely different… after you did a little digging of your own. It happens…and it happens to everyone.

You should never make assumptions. It can cause you to miss out on the truth of things. You can also miss out on really knowing another person and who they are, what they care about, when you don’t take the time to let them reveal themselves.

Whenever you assume something, your assumptions have more of a probability of being wrong than right. Also, there is no factual information for you to base your findings on. You might think:

  • “They walked by me without speaking because….”
  • “He or she didn’t respond because….”
  • “I didn’t get invited because….”
  • “They don’t like me because….”

Sometimes, it’s best to go and find out the truth of the matter. Then, you will have factual data.

When people assume things… it’s a judgment call, but it’s a bad judgment. On top of that, assumptions can cause you a whole wave of bad emotions. And there’s absolutely nothing more terrible than acting emotionally to something that has not been proven to be true.

Bottom line, assumptions are usually negative and can send a harmful message to your physical body. Your body doesn’t know the difference between an assumption and a fact and will respond as if everything it feels is real.

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