Forget About What’s Wrong: Be Thankful For What’s RIGHT

GOD wants what is best for you. He wants your future to be different from your past. Therefore, once again… He has provided 1. The day 2. Life 3. Health 4. Strength … and 5. All your needs. So, what’s stopping you from having a great day. Absolutely nothing! It’s up to you to take what He provides… and make the most of it all… and to enjoy life.

iStock_000007255442Small (550x355)

Don’t let anything stop you! Forget about the fact that you are imperfect. Just remember that you are loved by a perfect GOD. And no matter how imperfections you might see in your own life, GOD has the perfect solution to bring you to perfection. All you need to do though, is live, trust GOD… and do everything you can to make your life better, day by day.

TODAY, it will be up to you to make the decision to forget about your fears…. “step out of the boat” of what’s easy and comfortable to you, and trust GOD.

  • Forget your problems
  • Forget about past mistakes
  • Forget about your enemies
  • Forget about your failures
  • Forget about unrealized dreams
  • Forget about who made you mad yesterday
  • Forget about what you don’t have…

… And remember that GOD’s blessings are new every morning. So be bold about your faith in GOD’s ability to change whatever’s going on in your life. He is able to do “Exceedingly and abundantly” above all that you ask of Him.

This is the day that the LORD has made“…. rejoice and be glad. Those are godly words. And it’s not a suggestion from GOD… but a DIRECT, biblical command. Still, He leaves it up to you to decide how you will go about doing so.

Start with today. Lay all your problems “at the foot of the cross.” Forget about what’s wrong… and be thankful for what’s RIGHT in your life. Actually, you’re BLESSED. So, there should be absolutely nothing stopping you from having a great day today.

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