Life Changes…Decisions…Choices: It’s All Up To You

Wait! Before you decide to give up on your future or your dreams… and just accept whatever the future hands you, STOP! Think it through. Instead of thinking about, “What’s the worst that could happen”… focus on, “What’s the best that could happen.” Then, make the decision to try life – by giving life more of you. Lift your head up… gather yourself. You have more hope than you probably recognize.

New Life

Today, go out and give life the best of you.

  • Think about how much GOD has invested in you over time… to get you to this point.
  • Think about how much life GOD put inside you to make you who you are now… and who HE is planning for you to be.

Now, after all that HE has invested in you… the ball is in your court to take the baton – and run with it. It’s up to you how things turn out, based on the faith you put in GOD – to direct your paths, from here on.

First, though, you have to put in the necessary ingredients… in order to give your success good health. Bad choices equal bad health. So, make healthy choices. Not just choices that are healthy for your body, but choices that are:

  • Healthy for your mind
  • Healthy for your future
  • Healthy for your faith
  • Healthy for your happiness

There are circumstances that can limit your choices because of the authority that exists in our society… and in the world. But the things you have control over, it’s up to you to do all that’s in your power to do the right thing… and do what’s best for you.

No matter what your choices are today, they are ultimately creating your future. In other words, “The choices you make… make you!” Therefore, you have to know, things will get better or worse for you – depending on what you choose. All choices have consequences.

Change starts with you. So, don’t allow anything to dilute your happiness or poison your day with negativity. Let today be the day you stand strong without giving in to your circumstances. Know that you are worthwhile… to be happy. GOD has already placed high value on you. So, put your trust in GOD… and not in your circumstances.

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