Your Life Is Too Amazing To Worry Over The Past

I don’t know your life’s story? But like me, I’m sure you’ve had good days and bad days. Probably, there have been times you were happy to be alive… and some days you’d probably like to forget altogether. There’s nothing wrong with that – it’s a part of the human experience of living. However, never allow the thoughts of your past to get to the point to where it hinders your future.

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Your mind won’t train itself. You have to do it. You have to fight your fears. There will be days when your mind will replay:

  • All your failures
  • The hurtful words other people have said to you
  • The crazy things you’ve done
  • Your missed opportunities you’ve had.

It’s like watching a horror movie of the worst parts of your life. But you have to try to make yourself remember the good times… not just the bad times. Try to remember the times you spent:

  • With your favorite people
  • Traveling to your favorite places
  • Having summer fun
  • Relaxing or hanging out with your friends

Think about all those things. You have some amazing memories.

Many times when you look back at your past, you may feel guilt or regret. There are many things that you should have done but you didn’t. The people you should have valued more, the job you should have taken, the words you never should’ve said. The sad thing is… you cannot turn back the hands of time. Therefore, it’s best to move on and tackle what lies in the present moment, and the possibilities for a better future. The real question you have to ask yourself now is, “How do I start making peace with my past?”

One way to help yourself is to come to terms… and accept that you cannot change what happened yesterday. Yet, you are in charge of your present and future. Decide today that you will move forward, because it’s very necessary in order for you to be able to have a happy future.

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