Decide For Yourself…That You Will Be Happy

No waiting for tomorrow. Today begins, “Happily ever after” for you. If happiness is sincerely what you want, the best way to begin today is to affirm your happiness. Start the day off affirming: “TODAY is going to be a good day! Today, my life is prosperous, and GOD’s spirit is fresh upon me, therefore; I won’t allow anything to take away the happiness and joy I feel as a result of GOD’s grace towards me.”

05032011_Happy_article (550x309)

Your “Someday”… is Today! And Oh what a Great Day it can turn out to be for you – if you give it your all.

Make the right decision! Decide that, today, you will trust GOD in all things, and for all things… because all good things happen through GOD. Don’t delay it for another day. You don’t want to look back, somewhere in the distant future, and wonder if good enough could’ve been better. Grab a hold to the hand that’s reaching down to help you – GOD’s hand – while He is willing to do whatever it takes to make your life the best it can be.

You’ve seen the signs that drivers hold up at airports… waiting to pick up passengers from far away places – to take them to their destination. Well today, ‘Your Success’ is standing in the distance… holding up a sign – with your name on it. It’s been waiting there everyday… with no results; waiting to escort you to your Destiny. The only thing is, you have to show up, or you’ll miss the opportunity to achieve your dreams.

This is the day that the LORD has made… rejoice and be glad in it!”

Make GOD smile about what you’re doing today to be better. Don’t let your good intentions of doing better tomorrow… rob you of the new YOU, that you can become – starting today… at this very moment.

Five to ten years from now, “You’ll be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do, than by the things you’ve done.” So if you want better… you have to be intentional about doing better. Don’t make your success restless, because it’s waited for so long, for you to get to where you should be.

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