4 Keys To Living An Amazing Life

TODAY… know that you are amazing! The best days of your life are ahead of you. But, it’s up to you what you do with your days, to make your life amazing.

istock_hiking (550x413)

Take Possession of Your Future! Never allow life to gradually lead you wherever it wants to lead you. Be proactive. Be responsible. The direction of your life is up to you. Therefore, no matter what obstacles life throws at you to face today, aim to be… and aim to do your best with the resources you have at your disposal right now. Always hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody else expects of you.

It doesn’t matter, what your predicament is today… whether you’re having a happy day so far, or if you’d rather stay in bed and let the day and its troubles pass you by. Things change… and times change. To live an amazing life, just remember:

  1. Not to allow your present troubles to determine how you prepare for your future.
  2. Not to allow the good times you’re having now to trick you into thinking it will always be that way.
  3. Not to jump to conclusions, and make rash decisions based on your present circumstances.
  4. Not to make life-changing decisions without consulting GOD… through prayer.

For some, it is easy to dodge responsibilities. However, nobody can dodge the consequences of dodging their responsibilities. The willingness to accept responsibility for your own life is the source from which greatness and self-respect blossoms. But, you have to continually trust GOD and constantly do the right thing, according to biblical standards. Because, without proper guidance from the foundation of GOD’s word… nothing in life will work – the way it is supposed to work.

LIFE…can be a long, sometimes easy; many times hard… enjoyable, but troublesome journey. People will changeseasons will changetimes will change… and your situations will constantly change – moment by moment. We laugh and we smile… and suddenly, situations come about that causes us to shed tears; all night long.

Other times, though, great things will happen, and you will feel like life could not be any better… but, in the wink of an eye, difficulty can come… and you will wonder why life is so hard, or if things could be any worse than they are now.

However, no matter what the day brings your way today… keep a firm, grounded, unashamed connection to JESUS – who is MASTER of all things – because it will help you through any circumstance. GOD said, “Be still and know that I am GOD.” And no matter what, GOD is your greatest help… because with GOD… all things are possible.


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