“Use What You Got,” To Get What You Need

 People who are consistently successful at what they do fascinate everyone. To the natural eye, it would seem GOD has blessed the very successful people with the greatest talents and abilities. However, in reality, all of us have the opportunity to obtain a high level of success… and we hold the key, but we must be willing to use what we have, and put forth the effort to achieve it.

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We admire successful people. Yet, many people don’t think they possess an array of natural gifts of their own. As a result, we look at the people who seem to have it all, with envy. Because of what we see in them, we grieve our own lack of talent, and say, “If I only had the talents that person has.”  Or, “If I had the money so-and-so has, I could help accomplish more for my family, my friends, for my community… and for the Lord!” Meanwhile… we sit in idleness, making no use of what we already have.

But we can’t wait for our circumstances to be different, before we find the hope and the will to do something. We shouldn’t wait until ‘Tomorrow’ before we plan to do great things… and yet today, do nothing.

Be the Best You… You Can Be

Make use of what you have, and then GOD will give you more. But He cannot give you more until you use what you have. You are, figuratively speaking, the raw material of what you can someday be. What you will be depends on the use you make of this material. The responsibility for the final product lies with you. Therefore, you have to:

  • Develop your mind
  • Develop your soul
  • Develop patience
  • Develop the courage and faith
  • Develop loyalty and endurance…

… and every other quality you possibly can. If you lack the will to try and keep trying, you will always see yourself as a failure. But remember, you can never be anyone else. If you ever accomplish anything great, it will be through the GOD-given powers and abilities you now possess.

Therefore, never regret that you are not as somebody else is; or envy another person’s talents. You are only yourself. That won’t ever change! Your abilities may look very small compared with those of other people, but they are all you have. So, you have to seize every opportunity to make the best possible use of the gifts you have.

The most helpful… and the biggest question you should ask yourself is this, “What will I do to improve myself and be the best I can be?”


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