Your Future Is Here! Now What?

Do you want to make your life great? Then, GET READY. Set. GO! Forever Begins… right now! Don’t miss it. Your future is here now… so don’t sleep on it. Get actively involved with your life. If you want change… make changes. Because, somewhere in the distant future, you will want to look back on yesterday and today, as some of the best times of your life.

watching_the_clock (550x316)

Many people see the past as better than it actually was. But, you can make it a reality by investing in your future. In the future, as you begin to look back on your past, it can be as great and memorable as you want it to be. But, to create fond memories, you have to begin today… starting with you following your dreams. Everyday… from now on:

  • Be true – to yourself and to others.
  • Be honest.
  • Do your best – in everything.
  • Do things that bring you closer to your dreams.
  • Take care of yourself, your family, and your friends.
  • Treat people with respect.
  • Be the person that makes others feel special.
  • Be known for your kindness and honesty.

In other words, invest “LOVE” into your life. The Christian life is not a constant high. You will have moments of deep discouragement. However, things will always work out for your good.

Still, too many people are waiting for something to happen to them… before they put their life together. But, it will never happen! If you can’t be happy today… you won’t be happy tomorrow – without your personal involvement in your own life.

Who and what you are is a gift from GOD… it’s up to you, though, to open that gift… reach inside you… and discover the MAGNIFICENCE and VALUE of what GOD has created in you. Just know, though, that life is ready whenever you are. Your forever begins now. And, when you are ready… the best what to say it, is with your ACTIONS.


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