Life Does Not Need To Be Perfect… For You To Be Happy

Everyone wishes for better things – (Better features, better friends, better spouses, better homes, better cars, etc.). Yet, you don’t have to have better anything, in order to be happy. Life does not need to be perfect… in order for you to be happy. Loving yourself is not a matter of shouting to the whole world that you are perfect and you are the best. It’s the virtue of acceptance and contentment.

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Whenever you make the choice to improve yourself, you then begin to feel contented and happy. And when you are content and happy… you develop more faith to believe all things are possible. In life, you can become anything you want to become! But it will require faith, hard work and dedication.

Contrary to what some people think, life is very fair. Give a little, get a little. Give a lot; receive a lot in return… in many different ways. That’s what I love about life. You can be born in the lowest levels of poverty and despair… and end up later in life, as a person of great wealth and influence.

So why would you spend time doubting your abilities, doubting all that life has to offer… or doubting GOD? If your doubts, fears and insecurities get the best of you… it can sometimes make you wish we were somebody else.” So, never think of other people as better than you… because in reality; most people are just as afraid as you are – and have even greater fears to cope with.

The song that says, “Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all…” is true enough. However, what’s even greater… is to love GOD more, and allow Him to teach you how to love. Remember, you cannot give what you do not have.

You have to stop thinking of yourself as second-rate. Forget the repetitive thoughts of “If only I was richer… if only I was thinner” and so on. Accepting your true self is the first step to loving life. Therefore, don’t compare yourself to others only to find out at the end that they are just the same as you are.

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