7 Things You Must Overcome To Achieve Your Dreams

Whichever direction you choose to go; or whatever dream you choose to pursue… Be Excellent. You will never know what you can do, or be, until you take the first step forward. Tomorrow will come in due time. For now, though, don’t be afraid to live and take chances. Therefore, map out a plan for your life today. Trust GOD; and trust the path He wants you to travel along, because today is your best chance to make a big difference in your life. ~ Pat Williamson

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You Better Not Give Up! Because one day you’ll wake up and look around you… and you’ll smile and realize it was all worth the struggle to reach your dreams. But until then… you have to keep fighting and believing – and know that GOD will make a way for your success, somehow.

Getting to that ‘BIG’ day of reached dreams won’t be as easy as you might think. In fact there are a number of obstacles you will have to overcome in order to achieve your dreams.

  1. Life will test you
  2. You will get tired and bored
  3. You will have doubts
  4. People will try to discourage you
  5. You will feel lonely from time to time
  6. You might have to cry – now and then
  7. You will get angry at yourself, life and other people

Still, KEEP GOING! It’s all a part of the struggle to reach your fullest potential of being Your Best YOU. Sure, you can give up. That’s easy. Anybody can do that! However, not everyone is a Winner. For you to be a true winner…  you will have to have tough skin and lots of guts. And, you will have to develop a “Take-over spirit.” A Take-over spirit? Yes, you heard me right.

You have to find a way to ‘take charge’ of your life… and block out all interferences from negative people and negative situations. Then – and only then – will you be ready to taste the fruit of success. But in the meantime… Keep The Faith. Keep Going. You Can Do This!

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