Take A Bold Step Forward: Grab Onto Faith…Let Go Of The Past

Make the necessary changes needed to make your life better. If there is something from your past that continues to hurt you… as much as it may hurt you to do so, decide to start over again. Move forward, and live forward. Make the decision that you will not allow the past to haunt you anymore. If you have to cry any tears at all… let them be tears of joy, because you are in the process of preparing yourself for a better life.

Stressed businesswoman

Sometimes, the biggest step towards a better life… is learning to grab a hold of faith, and letting go of the past.

Most days, you will experience some good and some bad moments. For every peak, there’s a valley. For every leap forward, there’s a stumble backwards… sometimes just an inch, and other times, it might seem like miles.

Looking back on the tears caused by life’s rocky times can make you cry. It can also make you wonder how on earth did life go so wrong, so quickly. One moment you were probably enjoying life, and then the next, you wondered, “What else can go wrong.” However, it’s not that something went so terribly wrong. What happened is… you were growing all the time. And, in due time, you realized…

  • The situation you were in
  • The arrangement you had
  • The relationship you were involved in
  • The dreams you were planning to fulfill…

… really, none of it was as fulfilling as you thought it would be. But now, you’re still holding on to how it all made you feel. And now… it’s past tense. And the more you look back without looking to GOD… or what He has planned for the future…, the more you will get stuck there… where you are.

The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that that situation is over, you can never move forward. The road to your past has washed away, and you can only go forward now. Enjoy every moment that you can, while you can. You can grow best when you do your best to learn from…, and move beyond your challenges, instead of obsessing over them and allowing yourself to feel stuck.

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